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Del Da Vinci, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Yellow Peril" is hilarious. It introduces a story-line (that includes painting and decorating). The story goes: Del (in order to get rid of some hooky paint) gets a painting and decorating job at a Chinese restaurant. What he doesn't know is that the paint (sold to him by Trigger) is fluorescent and is nicked from the railway.

Yet another sturdy entry into the brilliant season two has a fantastic screenplay by John Sullivan. Brilliant acting by David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and specially Lennard Pearce.

All in all "Yellow Peril" is a fine example of a true "Only Fools and Horses" episode spirit.

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Funny, Forgettable but Funny, 17 October 2011

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Season Two continues it's winning streak with a funny but forgettable episode entitled "No Greater Love". In it Rodney falls in love for a forty-years old Irene Mackay, wife of an imprisoned attempted murderer Thomas 'Tommy' Mackay. Del is worried for Rodney's life when Tommy finds out what's going on with Rod and Irene. Soon Rodney is dumped and Del's fingers are in it.

"No Greater Love" has some funny lines and scenes but it's ultimately forgettable. John Sullivan wrote this episode with care and affection but it just stands still.

It could have been better but it's still a one i like to re-visit.

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A So-So Episode, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Christmas Crackers" has absolutely no clear plot but is only a series of different sketches and situations that include: Grandad's cooking, Destruction of the chicken, Antibiotics, How to seduce a lady and others. Now some of them are amusing but neither are funny and i just chuckled during a few moments.

John Sullivan's script is okay and some of the one-liners are pretty well- written but it's just more like a part of Red Nose Day special than an episode of an on-going OFAH season. Acting is perfect and the directing is great too.

I have seen "CC" a few times and i enjoy seeing it a few times a year but it isn't brilliant.

Rating of season ONE: 6/10 (It doesn't work very well as the characters and scripts are still in development)

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Another Brilliant One, 17 October 2011

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Del has a gambling session with Trigger and Boycie. But Boycie is cheating. "A Losing Streak" continues the wonderful "winning streak" of season two. It seems unmissable. Season one was weak but season two works amazingly and it's hilarious. "A Losing Streak" was amazing, i really loved the way it was written and the way it works as a bottle episode (only usual sets and only the main cast). I watched it many times and loved it every one.

Boycie's character gets a bigger role and a much more developed one than in "Go West Young Man" and John Challis is perfect. Trigger gets a something of a developing role which Roger Lloyd Pack delivers without a mistake.

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Season Two, Episode Two, Rating Ten, 17 October 2011

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Again, a brilliant episode. Season Two really stands out as a cry of brilliance from the incredibly talented pen of John Sullivan. The story stands out by it's wackiness, brilliance and hilariousness. It goes: Del Boy buys two urns at the funeral of Trigger's grandma. During the inspection of them he finds one of them is full. As it turns out Grandad had a major fall out with Arthur (Trigger's grandam's husband, who's ashes is in the urn) when Grandad cheated with his wife. So Arthur (having some gypsy blood in him) puts a curse on old Grandad to haunt him when he dies. Del and Rodney try everything to get rid of the ashes but it doesn't work. When finally it is sucked into a garbage truck they find out Trigger's grandma married twice and there is ashes in the second urn too.

"Ashes to Ashes" is absolutely brilliant, funny and well made.

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Hilarious, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Long Legs of Law" opened season two in the most brilliant way possible. "Long Legs of Law" is a hilarious, well-written, well-acted episode i enjoyed thoroughly. The story is simple and there lies it's beauty: Rodney dates a policewoman !!!!

How Johnny Sullivan does it i don't know. Dialogues are brilliant, situation's are wonderful and the way he handles characters are amazing. The show finally stands on it's two feet and the way it's gonna develop is obvious for the first time. "Long Legs of Law" stands tall as a monument to a brilliant show. This episode was the first episode i re-watched after i heard the sad news that John Sullivan died. I think it should be dedicated to his memory.

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Fantastic, 17 October 2011

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The streak has really started. "The Russians are Coming" is a brilliant, hilarious and ingenious episode. It's also clever, full of brilliant anti- war comments and hilarious one-liners. The story goes: Del Boy finds a make-it-yourself bomb-shelter and they build it on top of the building. The rest of the episode is an amazing batch of one-liners, clever dialog's.

"The Russians are Coming" is one of the greatest episodes ever and it is a proud member of the golden collection of BBC. I have to compliment John Sullivan's brilliant development of writing dialog's and one-liners. The performances of the three leads are brilliant and unforgettable twist at the very end is a clever, well-directed long shot revealing the position of the bomb-shelter.

A Classic Episode, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best episodes ever made and it also marks the one step up the show took from the awful season one to a much more better period. The plot is rather clever: Del Boy finds Rodney a job as a night guard in a bus station, very soon Del's true intentions are revealed and they are following: he wants to have a bus tour of the "ethnic London". Of course no one shows up but not because of the obviously fake places to visit than because Grandpa threw away all the flyers.

"A Slow Bus to Chingford" is a well-written, funny and extremely well made episode. David and Nick are absolutely brilliant and Johnny Sullivan's brilliant script works amazingly well.

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Another Bent o' the Ol' Nail, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Season One was obviously not a brilliant one. It was still a working project and 'The Second Time Around' was just worse. The story goes: Del meets his old love Pauline but he finds that she is dominant and tiresome. So he escapes only to find that she has made a thousand pounds phone bill back home.

'Second Time Around' is a one-joke (bad joke) episode which revolves around Del (who isn't himself in this one) and Pauline (an incredibly annoying and tedious character i couldn't stand) and it just doesn't work. I was bored and annoyed during most of the episode and laughed only once. It's not the usual OFAH episode and John Sullivan was clearly not a developed writer at the time.

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Mediocre, Mediocre, 17 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Cash and Curry' is based on a rather repetitive and unfunny script and the episode it self is filled with unbelievable situations and annoying characters. The story itself isn't very clever and the story-line goes like this: Del gets into a business deal with this Indian bloke who gets him to try and buy of an ancient statue of a god from his mortal enemy. He can't do it himself because of their class differences. Soon however Del Boy discovers he is being conned.

Del seems drunk during most of the episode and compered to the others it isn't the worst ever but it's definitely forgettable. Also another factor which makes it even worse is the fact it aired right after a brilliant episode "Go West Young Man".

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