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Fallout 3 (2008) (VG)
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Absolutely mindblowing!, 20 December 2010

This game is massive. It gives you this world that is amazingly big, and gives you the ability to say and do what you want in it. It gives over 100 hours of gameplay if you try searching around and doing side missions.......and make it not very easy level like I did which resulted in 30 hours. In the end I love this game. There is so much re-playability. first lets talk story. Fallout 3 takes place 200 years after a nuclear holocaust. Vaults that were made to protect people from the nuclear fighting have all opened except for one. This one is the one your character is raised in. When you are 19 your father escapes Vault 101 and you have to leave to go find him. From there the story expands. The story is filled with moral decisions, optional ways of dealing with things, and a million side quests. This isn't your usual side quest that take a little while to complete. These are just as big as the normal main mission modes. You will be sucked into many interesting side quests. Next is the graphics. The world of Capital wasteland is brilliantly created. It is really beautiful to go up at high heights and look at the whole wasteland and take in the massive achievement in architecture. The game also has a very good soundtrack. Just put on some GNR and you'll make your gaming experience even better. Thne we have the gameplay. The control is relatively good. The VATS system is an absolutely necessary addition making the experience much more of a breeze rather than a spiked road of torture. Then we get to the biggest aspect to the game. The design of this is simply amazing. The missions are designed brilliantly, the side quests are in high supply, there are an infinite number of items to collect, and much more. This game is the definition of massive. You can spill so much time on this game. Is it perfect? No. My main problem is that there are many of those death cycle moments. You know those moments when you are stuck in a position that is literally impossible to get out of resulting in you having to start the game all over again. Luckily I didn't run into this, but I got in positions like this a million times where I was very close to getting stuck in the death cycle managing to narrowly escaping. Overall this game is simply put amazing. It is one of the best I have played, and I can't recommend it enough.

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The best thing related to zombies I have ever seen., 15 December 2010

I love anything to do with zombies. Zombie movies, zombie games, and now a really good zombie show. The thing I like best about it though is how much it dips into the minds of the characters. It shows the emotions that can come up in dire situations. Lust, hate, fear, depression, aggression, and the most important of all hope. It really digs deep into the mind, and it delivers deeper than I could possibly imagine with the zombie genre. It delivers some great action, awesome gore, and a great apocalyptic setting, but that is all secondary achievement. The prime achievement is the plot, the characters, the dialogue, and the emotions which is different than most if not all zombie movies. Most of them are just drive by zombie killing fun, but what this show does is powerful. The acting is also wonderful from everyone in the cast. The direction is also wonderful capturing the apocalyptic world. In the end this is a show that I will be watching next season for sure.

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A powerful piece of cinema that shows how our lives are more important than we think they are., 11 December 2010

This is a wonderful movie. It goes beyond the typical holiday special, and gives us something to think about. Rather than giving us that jolly feeling of Christmas through something visual or emotional this film gives it to us in more of a mental way. It makes us think about how important our lives really are, and that we should be glad to be alive. It makes us think about how we have changed the lives of people though we wouldn't realize it. It gives the mind a message that is received the brain and stays there. Yes it does give a heartwarming feel that I love, but I feel the main focus of the story was lesson it wanted to teach its watchers. They deliver that message stronger than any other film I have ever seen. You learn from this movie. This is really one of the best I have ever seen. The cast delivers wonderfully, the script is strong, the cinematography is excellent, and as I said the message it gives is genuine. I love this movie.

4 stars out of 4

Everyone has seen it a million times, but I love each and every time., 8 December 2010

I love the characters. I love the humor. I love the music. I love messages it sends. I love the sincerity. I love every moment of it. It is perfect. First thing I love about it is the characters. I really don't need to say the list since everyone on Earth knows these characters by heart so I'm just going to state that I love all the characters personalities. My favorite is Snoopy though. Who doesn't love Snoopy. Anoher thing I like about it is its humor. I think this is what makes this enjoyable for adults as well as children. It is filled with in-jokes that will get past children, and make adults laugh. It also has humor that children can enjoy, and humor that all age groups can enjoy. Then there is the music. This special wasn't very expensive, but what everyone agrees on with the what is most well done in the special is the music. The tunes are classic to everyone. I also love how the show sends the message that Christmas isn't about having the best. It's about bringing happiness during the holidays no matter how small that object of happiness may be. I feel that message, and it is putting good stuff in the heads of today's youth. This special does all these things right, but it doesn't set itself up as a huge Christmas spectacular. It does what it can. It doesn't ask for leveling as a Christmas classic it just let the public enjoy it. It doesn't shove stellar animation or celebrity voice work in our faces so we would watch it. They gave us a special they tried their best on, and they did a good job. I love this special and I will watch it every year till I fall over.

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A brilliant crime story filled with flare, emotion, and memorable characters., 6 December 2010

I am not a big TV lover. Mostly I watch South Park, but this show has gotten me interested in more live-action shows. It tells its stories with the same quality as a normal theater film for each episode making it feel like a massive crime drama experience. I have been waiting for a while now to review it, and now that the first season is over I can make my honest opinion clear. I live on a barrier island in New Jersey named Long Beach Island. It is about an hour drive away from Atlantic City so as you can guess I've been there a few times. My favorite part about Atlantic City is the boardwalk. Since this show is named Boardwalk Empire it should do a good job at showing what it looked like back in the 20's. Simply put it captures the 20's perfectly. The show is directed so well I felt like I was transported back to those days. They also capture the feel of the 20's in other ways by showing historic events such as the World Series scam. In the end though it best captures the spirit of the 20's on the boardwalk. As for the plot it is set in the 1920's. Prohabition has begun starting a whole decade of illegal alcohol smuggling. The Treasurer of Atlantic City Nucky Thompson is starting a smuggling business that results in some bloody consequences. Along the way he meets a woman named Mrs. Schroeder, deals with an oncoming election, and more. It is a very well told story. It manages to tell several different stories throughout the show, but none of them feel underdone. They all are extremely well put together story lines. You have the main alcohol smuggling story, the story of Nucky and Margaret, the story of Jimmy, the story of Capone, the story of Lucky, the story of Eli Thompson, the story of Agent Nelson Van Alden, and many more. All these different stories keep things fresh. The emotions that are shown in the episodes are powerful. As the episodes go on emotions get stronger like layers of an onion. Something that is also present in this show is flare. Every gangster flick needs that style to it. It needs to have that gangster feel. While this show doesn't have a lot of that when it happens it is really cool. Now I end this review on the acting. Everybody does a swell job. Buscemi is great as usual, and everyone else is great. The person who I'm most interested in is Michael Pitt who is a relatively unknown actor, but here is great and I would like to see him other things. He could make it real big. Overall I love this show. I will be a viewer of the next season for sure.

Moonwalker (1988)
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MJ=God, 4 December 2010

This movie is one of the best I have ever enjoyed. Now I know what you're thinking. "This guy is doing this as a joke this movie sucks". Well the fact is I am telling my true opinion here. Michael Jackson kicks ass, and any haters can stop reading now. He is one of my favorite singers for a number of reasons. The main reasons why he kicks ass is....

1.His brilliant singing.

2.His awesome dance abilities.

3.Creative music videos.

4.His lyrics make an actual story.

These days music is lazy. For example look at Lady Gaga. She lets a machine sing for her. She has no dance abilities. Her music videos try to be weird to be cool, but in the end they are messes. Her lyrics are moronic only surrounding three things sex, drugs, and being weird. I could make better lyrics than her with my eyes closed. MJ had songs that told stories not summaries of what happened at a college party. Today music is bland. Now after bashing Gaga fans I'm ready to talk film. It starts with MJ performing in a concert "Man in the Mirror". It is a wonderfully edited scene capturing the songs brilliance. It also shows how crazy his fans were about him perfectly. Then we move on to a montage of all the different songs in his career starting with The Jackson 5. Then we reach a cheesy, but an extremely enjoyable scene where MJ is getting chased by stop motion animation fans. Then we get a music video called "Leave Me Alone". It has great surreal images about how MJ is constantly mobbed by the media. It is a great scene. Now we reach the actual story. The plot is about a man trying to get all the kids in the world hooked on drugs. It is simply, but it supplies all it needs to. The effects are great, the direction is good, and I think MJ is actually a good actor. The highlight by far is the "Smooth Criminal" music video. It is simply the definition of awesome. The dancing is choreographed to perfection, the cinematography is brilliant, and you got MJ bringing his great singing voice. It is for sure one of the best scenes in film history. It all ends with MJ singing "Come Together". He remakes the Beatles' classic perfectly. It kicks so much ass I couldn't sit down for a while. This movie is great. So what if it is one big ego trip. MJ deserves to have an inflated ego. Now that he is dead music is done for. The next generation will grow up to garbage like Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas. It is a sad looking future for music. At least the world has memories like this movie.

4 stars out of 4

Twilight (2008/I)
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Bland-something boring and uninteresting Ex. Twilight, 2 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bland is the perfect word to use with everything about Twilight. Bland acting, bland story, bland dialogue, bland direction, bland cinematography, bland romance, bland effects, bland action, everything is bland about Twilight. It is one of those movies you watch to make fun of, but after watching you feel like you really wasted two hours. It's unlike other bad movies were you can watch, review, and feel entertained by making fun of it. With Twilight everything is so boring that you feel like falling asleep ten minutes in. I found myself so bored that I started thinking about stuff for around thirty seconds. When stopped thinking about stuff I looked back at my TV to see the movie playing. It is so bland that thirty seconds of though made me forget that it was playing. That is like a cup of water and a stale piece of bread blandness. Sure there is other things to complain about also. The effects are terrible. When Edward runs it looks like he's going up an escalator in the ground. Then there is the moronic romance. Bella staying in love with a guy that stalks her, wants to kill her, and watches her sleep for months is pretty stupid. The ending where Edward sucks the venom out of Belle to stop her from becoming a vampire is stupid. If he let her change she would be safe from vampires, and he wouldn't have to deal with her growing old and dying. Sure she would have to live with seeing her loved ones die, but she would have Edward with her. Also her parents are grow old and die anyway so what's all the difference that she doesn't age during that time. Then of course there is sparkling vampire skin. It is really the stupidest thing ever. How is he supposed to pass as a strong vampire if he has sparkle skin. Why not make it be when he is in the light his true evil form is revealed or something like that? Oh yeah because A.That would be cool B.That would create actual dramatic tension C.Girls like jewelry so they love guys with sparkle skin. I'm not trying to be sexist here it's just these girls who buy this crap are increasing the stereotype of moronic teenage girls that have awful taste. I don't want to be sexist with this statement, but if this is a phenomenon to girls than it is official that a large portion of teenage girls have no taste whatsoever. In the end though it is the blandness that sticks out with this one. A pile of trash in many occasions can be better than nothing. Twilight sure is a nothing.

0 stars out of 4

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An absolute work of art. One of the finest examples of animation ever., 1 December 2010

This short is simply perfect. It has perfect animation, perfect music, and a great story. When Christmas classics are brought up I want one of the first things to come out of peoples mouths to be this short. It just does everything right. You like the characters despite no dialogue, and enjoy watching. The whole thing is great, but the best part is the flying scene. It is the closest I can imagine to an actual experience of non assisted flight. People could throw some 3-D movie at me with a flight scene, but this film is just way more genuine with the experience. You feel the wonder completely as it takes you over, and if you close your eyes you will feel like you are lifting off the floor. Also along with the amazing animation I love the music. The animation and soundtrack go together perfectly. The best part of music by far though is you guessed it the flying scene. This is a masterpiece on every level. Happy Holidays. My present to all of you is recommendation of this short. I hope you are filled with the same kind of amazement I was.

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A classic that puts you in the mood for Christmas., 1 December 2010

There are many holiday traditions. Hanging up stockings, decorating the tree, and holiday specials. There are many holiday specials, but for sure one of the most famous is Rudolph. There is something about that puts me in a great mood. I think that is because its animation is humble. It isn't flashy. In fact it is extremely outdated, and it looks like it was made on $10, but that is what makes it feel humble. Its imperfections make it feel like something genuine. Something that doesn't ask to be loved, but is generally loved in the long run. It feels like a plate of homemade cookies. It is a story that is timeless. The characters are likable, and it has a lot of great quotes. What is best about it though is the songs. Every song is classic. My personal favorite is "Holly Jolly Christmas". Rudolph is a special that connects several generations together. It is a classic.

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The Karate Kid / 3 X 0=0, 27 November 2010

That math problem sums up this whole movie. It is "The Karate Kid" divided into three smaller karate kids. Then you times that by zero effort and you get one big fat goose egg of a movie. It is the fourth installment in the 3 Ninjas saga, and it is by far the worst. The other films I will review in time, but this is the big one. This is the one that everyone hates. It has terrible acting, terrible fight scenes, and an awful story. When it comes to the acting the only person I liked was Jim Varney, but that is not enough to make up for the rest of the cast. As you would expect the child acting fails completely. The 3 ninjas are all annoying especially the little one. As for Hulk Hogan I didn't hate the performance, but it is exactly what you would expect. Then we have the action which is terrible. It goes for fighting that is practically slapstick instead of actual fighting. That is something I hate about a lot of kung fu/karate movies. So many of them just go for laughs from kiddies instead of actual honor for the fighting. It insults it, and if I was a karate teacher I would spit on pieces of trash like this everyday. In my opinion martial arts should stay in the more adult categories. The only true exception I have seen for these largely kid friendly martial arts movies is "The Karate Kid" that's it. I can't wait for a day when another film like that comes around and shows kids what the art of combat is about instead of constant shots to the balls. Until then we get this. Also another thing terrible about the fighting that is unbearable is how they have weapons with knives, but they never use them. I know it's for kids, but if there is a terrorist in front of you and you have a knife that guy is getting stabbed. Have stabbing or lose the knives in my opinion. Also the fighting suffers from those cliché noises that are made when you make a punch. It gets really annoying quickly. Now we move on to the plot. It really all seems like an excuse to have Hulk Hogan. They might as well call it "Hulk and 3 Ninjas". He was what sold the film in the first place, but I am going to try and explain the plot. The ninjas go to an amusement park, and it gets taken over by terrorists. The only hope is the 3 ninjas, a smart girl with glasses, and Hulk Hogan......(3 hours of laughing later) Yeah that is one of the lamest excuses for a plot I have ever seen. Then we have dialogue which just like the fighting suffers from way to much childish humor. The jokes are very repetitive. The movie just isn't funny. I'm not going to give this film a 0 star rating. It's bad, but at least it isn't "Pocket Ninjas". Just saying the title of that movie makes me shiver.

1/2 of a star out of 4

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