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The most popular (and most famous) movies in a global aspect (or internationally). What are the most viewed films of all time? I believe these are. These movies are also most frequently mentioned on the internet and pop culture.

Please feel free to recommend some movies that I missed.

NOTE: I am not entirely going by IMDb's popularity votes as many people tend to have multiple accounts voting for the same film.
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Some here are the wooden ones who are just so off, some are the overreacting and annoying ones (just so they can win the Oscar) and some are just those who play themselves. These are just very bad actors in my opinion.
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Most of these females are very wooden and dull, at least in some of their roles. I understand that you may say some of these women "should not belong in here", but it's just an opinion. :)
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These people just cannot sing that good. They can't hit the right notes and some sound better in the studio than live (so they may NOT be that BAD).

This list isn't meant to be offend. I only 'attack' their voices, not their personality.
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These films are a good definition of pure suspense, excitement and tension. Most are psychological, mystery and crime thrillers.

I believe that this is the ultimate list about the greatest thriller flicks on the net, as all the other 'best thrillers' lists tend to have action and horror movies shoved in them.

NOTE: Action & horror thrillers (i.e. Die Hard, Scream, etc) are not in this list as it tends to focus on pure suspense-thrillers rather. However, thrillers with horror, action and/or sci-fi elements are included.

AND...this list is NOT in any particular order!