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Better than the recent comedies!, 25 September 2011

For those sick of the recent high school/teen comedies and rom-coms we're bashed with these days, this film will be a breath of fresh air for you. Sure, the film has some rehashed comedic scenes, but a lot of the humour is pure laugh-out-loud type layered on very good bits of suspense and chase scenes. I really loved the well-choreographed chase scenes and the climactic battle, which was something the first film lacked.

The first film made me laugh so much back then and I've watched it a lot of times since 2003. Watching it now as I'm older, I thought its plot was too formulaic and the characters, beside Malkovich, were weak and bland. This film, however, had a great damn cast and a well written overall story. I liked how it had more darker elements than the first one - the violence, the suspense and the chase scenes were thorough, whereas in the first film everything seemed light and slapstick-ish, even the villains. The villains in this were top-notch and serious.

This film began a little unfunny and was been-there-done-that with its humour, but around 15 minutes later good humour started to kick in. The funny scenes in this film were pretty infrequent and laugh out loud type, while the funny scenes in the first film were more chuckle type and frequent. But I still prefer the humour in this one. Rowan Atkinson was still excellent with his humour, and I doubted that because I thought he lost his magic because of his awful Bean 2 film.

The film had scenes were I laughed so much. I really loved those classic Rowan Atkinson situations and his witty lines. The fight scenes were awesome and I loved how they made them humorous at the same time. The climactic scene in the mountains was just epic. What I loved about this film is that it mixed suspense and comedy at the same time, and that was awesomely done.

The music composer must be commended for a rousing score, frequently referencing the Johnny English Theme, particularly during the splendid opening titles sequence. The cast is solid, particularly Rosamund Pike.

Watchtower (2002)
A moody thriller, although very slowly paced and formulaic, 25 August 2011

This film seemed atmospheric and tense, but it was a little boring and the ending was anticlimactic. The music came across as intrusive and annoying - there was no point of the high pitched electric guitars used in dramatic scenes. Smoking scenes were just too much and they became distracting.

This might be recommended for thriller fans only, but people who are not in to this genre will become very bored, as this is a slow-burn type of thriller. It's mostly a drama with the brother slowly and slowly starting to suspect that the serial killer is dangerous.

Between the two there is a lot of talking scenes, and at times there is tension. There is also a erotica, between his sister and the killer, towards the middle-end of the film. I believe the whole romance between the two was forced.

The film has the annoying cliché where the main character thinks a person is crazy and his friends don't believe it (here, it's the sister), even though the main character is always right.

The ending was awful. I hated how it just abruptly ended. Who stabbed who? There was some bad editing there.

Sanctum (2011)
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One of the worst films ever made, 21 April 2011

The only good thing about was the guy from Titanic, the American dude. He was the only likable and developed character. Besides that, the film was slow, annoying, clichéd, uninspiring and its characters were severely undeveloped. The suspense was creaky and dull, I mean, there was just no suspense, it was all shouting and yelling before anything bad that happens (which kills the suspense).

The music was surprisingly good, but the direction and cinematography was awful. The plot was been there done that, it was done many times before. A group of people going on adventure that die one by one - laughable.

The film was confused, it wanted to be a drama and also a thriller - that just failed. The actors couldn't even act in both scary and dramatic bits. Nearly all of the Australian characters were annoying and not likable. They were very cardboard cut characters you couldn't care less for if they died. And most of their death was laughable and lame. Oh, the main character was a douche bag you couldn't care less for. He was an awful actor, and his dad was worse - what a cold hearted dude.

This was an incredibly boring, unpleasant film. Please do not waste your money on this piece of tripe. A very third rate cheap film, seriously. I was tortured while watching this horrid film.

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Could've been an amazing thriller..., 12 April 2011

Why it didn't be one? Basically nothing happens until the 40th minute, that's why. This is a slow-burn thriller, even though it was advertised as the type that has thrills since the first minutes, well it doesn't.

It sort of played out like Hostel; The first half hour is pretty much character development with some sexual references here and there, and then suspense begins. Come on, this is a 85 minute film, we should've gotten on really. After the 40th minute, the suspense begins. I liked the tension and tautness the film had afterwards.

The acting by the two female leads was natural, but not that great. Sometimes Odette's character seemed annoying, with her being showing off in front of men a lot and trying to sleep with one. Come on. Karl Urban was great in this, loved his performance and his presence.

Another thing I liked about this film is that there was someone else involved with Odette's abduction, and that character was in the film, who is even trusted by Odette's friend. The setting, thanks to the good cinematography was amazing, great location for sure. The music by the average composers Tomandandy was not bad, but it sounded too trailer-ish and something you'd hear in student films on Youtube, but at least it was orchestral and suspenseful.

This was an OK thriller, which was saved by it suspenseful second half and magnificent setting.

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A fine thriller, that is also predictable and run-of-the-mill..., 11 April 2011

The plot of this film seemed rehashed from a couple of other thrillers like Misery, The Collector, Single White Female and Sleeping with the Enemy. I give this film a fair rating because I'm an avid thriller fan, otherwise this would be harshly rated.

The film has a very standard, unoriginal plot, nearly just like other thriller; A girl is in danger from a guy, and she must try to escape from his clutches, except the location is wholly different, an isolated island.

The dialogue comes across as corny at parts. The acting by Tara Reid is pretty awkward at times, but she did a good job. The husband's acting was dull, and I thought him smoking in nearly every scene was annoying and distracting.

Although this film is less than 85 minutes, I thought it went for too long. There were some slow scenes throughout. I didn't like how every time she tries to escape and he taunts her, yet she still loves him - though at the end though she fakes it. I mean, from the first fight, she shouldn't even have forgave him. She should've tried to escape from the beginning, really, as there was nothing nice about him.

Besides those flaws, the film was pretty suspenseful at parts, which that was helped by the tense and adrenaline pumping score. For a TV film, it did have good scenes of high tension and suspense. It's a fun thriller to watch, although it shouldn't be taken seriously.

The whole exotic, yet isolated, setting made it stand out from its predictabilities, clichés and slow scenes. And let's not forget the good direction and suspenseful moments - though it did needed more of those suspenseful scenes.

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Nice Little Thriller, 11 April 2011

I'm upset at how this wasn't released in theatres. It's probably because it didn't have a big-name cast. I'm also daunted by the fact that it isn't known at all, judging by the IMDb ratings.

I found the film quite thought-provoking, gripping and tense. It was one the better thrillers I've seen in the recent years.

The cast was amazing, Frank Whaley played a good (anti) villain, which was unexpected for me, as he is doesn't look "villainy". For a straight to DVD film, the cinematography and the direction were high grade. I really loved the music in this the most, as it was very suspenseful and heart-pumping. I full on expected an indie/minimalist score, but it was the opposite: high octane Hollywood music that will keep your adrenaline rushing.

The film, if you didn't know, has a twist ending, but I'm sure many smart people will predict it. But I loved it, as it gave this film more depth and shock value.

If you want to watch a little thriller with suspense throughout, this will be a good one. I'm glad I found this film. It's a very underrated and a quite overlooked one.

Soldier (1998/I)
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Like falling down after almost reaching the top..., 4 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In my five years of using IMDb, I think I've only reviewed around three films. I'm not that good of a writer, really. But I had to comment on this film because it was the most special out of all the films. But not in a good way...

My summary up there perfectly sums up this film; A film that was doing well, hitting all the right spots, and when it almost ended (the third act) it got wrecked, it blew up - excuse the pun.

This has to be one of the most disappointing films I've ever seen. I don't hate it, though, but I hate how took the very wrong turn towards the end. I'll soon get to that.

The film had a terrific start - loved how they showed the soldier growing up and going to wars in only like, 10 minutes. Mistaken for dead, he gets thrown in a ship that has dead soldiers and trash. That ship throws all the dirty bits into a desolated planet. Then he wakes up, he gets out and meet the natives. So far so good, actually, so great. He gets to know them and all that. The film had amazing visual effects of the planet; I loved the two (or was it, three) suns in the sky and the orang atmosphere.

Until the end, the third act, the soldiers and their leader come to the planet - that's probably where Avatar got its ideas from. Still, I was enjoying those bits, even though it was the third act that annoyed me. They kill some of the natives, then the soldier gets ready fight them.

That's when I was put off by the ending. Fair enough, you will fight them right, it's self-defence? But the way he fought them, which was of course pretty much the film's creators faults, was way over the top. I mean, it was full on, over the top action with Michael Bay-esque explosions and non-stop shootouts where the genuine sci-fi touch this film had was completely gone. Seriously, and this madness went on for 20 minutes - which will please action fans, but not sci-fans like myself. I actually loved how he was killing them by appearing out of nowhere, that created good suspense. But use of guns and explosions was too damn much. I got very turned off.

Granted, he was a soldier so had to make his guns happy. But still, didn't he lose his magic while he was in the planet? I mean, he got tame and all. But still, the ending was too Commando meets Predator with him wearing warrior paint on his face, looking macho and all. That's what disappointed the hell out of me. I was like, I'm watching a sci-fi/adventure, not some gritty action film. If their weapons were lasers then I actually wouldn't have mind the shootouts - at least that would've given this film a sci-fi feel.

When the film almost ended, I got even more disappointed. This time, it wasn't the action. The ending was just lame and cartoonish. Why did they blow up the whole region? I hated how they lame-ised the leader where he literally pisses his pants. There should've also been a fight (not gun/explosion type) with the leader. I hated how they wimp-ified him. I also preferred the film to end in the planet, not them, with the natives, flying in the ship with an explosion behind them.

In brief, this film had an amazing start. I loved how the soldier was hanging around with the natives, how more human he became. Then it all ruined after they made him like the terminator where the ending seemed something from typical action films that made this movie lose its sci-fi touch. Also, how a tough Colonel was made into a scaredy cat. The explosive action was made to show off its effects and attract actions fans.

That's what I call bad writing. Did the writer have a writer's block towards the end of the script? And did the director really feel the need to add heavy action towards the end?