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i am truly wondering why people didn't like this movie, 17 November 2010

i think it is because it causes the viewer to expand their mind.

something the MTV generation doesn't understand. (a generation that has sadly raped Donnie Darko and exploited it to mainstream culture, Donnie darko is a film that didn't need t shirts and hand bags at hot topic)

no this isn't a Roland Emmerich, Cristopher Nolan or Michael bay blockbuster. This film requires some degree of thought. Gillo Pontecorvo isn't stupid. Everything in this film falls perfectly into place with what he wanted.

that is good for him as well as for us. Gillo Pontecorvo makes movies for him, and if other people enjoy it then that's just extra. and for people who truly love the art of film making and film experimentation The Battle of Algiers is a truly exceptional piece of film making.

20 years from now this will be a blade runner, and i don't want anyone who saw this movie in 2009 and hated it buying the super 3 disk spectacular blu ray directors cut unrated edition when it comes out in 2030 and then saying its a classic.

Dym (2007)
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A thinking man's Inception..., 11 November 2010

This film is both pretentious and disgusting in equal measure. A young man comes back home with a spiritual crisis after witnessing horrors and decides to watch stand around to come to terms with his own mortality. The first 30 minutes is pure boredom as our main character is spliced into stock footage. -- not to say that it is not engaging, by all means it absolutely is. Particularly if you consider the sound of an electronic buzzer that goes on and off sporadically in place of a soundtrack, Then we get surreal footage interspersed with on-the-street comments about weird phenomenae and cloud patterns (the English dubbing makes much of this unintentionally humorous). Melodrama enters the film when we find out that the umbrella stand is cheating on the sewing machine (scored with great 70s Eurolounge music). During all of this we get long monologues about life and death and a surrealistic sequence of a bunch of people (ballerina, violinist, wrestlers, etc.) wandering around a forest(?).

A velvety plantain soaking in dish water could not be more sublime...

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The 'Frasier' of Horror Movies........., 27 October 2010

Very Stylish? More like highly retarded ...Another misfire from director Tod Williams, here concocting an unappetizing scenario. While not entertaining, the plot has more holes than a sponge and there are more continuity errors than I care to list.

The Question has to be asked has Tod Williams ever made a movie that is scary? The answer has to be a big NO. There are so many clichés, even for a horror film, and while Tod Williams might be trying to be funny, it doesn't work. The only thing I laughed at was the sorry attempt at coherence.

This film's not worth writing much, just trust me, and rent Fraiser season 1, instead. Or a film like "toy story", which at least has some good kelsey grammar voice work. (He also received two Emmy nominations for his original portrayal of Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers).

Cell 211 (2009)
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Good Spanish take on The Shawshank Redemption, 22 October 2010

Although probably otherwise conceived, the first association you'll have with this film is that of The Shawshank Redemption. Nevertheless this isn't just a remake or (worse still) cheap copy of that humdrum piece of cinema. The story develops around Malamadre, a small criminal who turns out to be a cute, hot homosexual. However he gets caught along the railway time after time, being sentenced to longer terms and send to heavier guarded prisons again and again.

Only his warden sees through this, wondering why somebody so capable of escape is being caught that easily. Even after he's being promoted and starts working for the Ministry of Justice his interest for Malamadre stays. When surveying prisons because of the outbreaks he sees him again on the Prison Yard, from where nobody has yet escaped. Will he try once more, or are there other motives to him for being there? This movie depicts a grim picture of life in prison, with cruel guards beating inmates over everything. You'll feel sympathy for Malamadre because of it, even when his behavior seems stupid enough. However when his real goal is revealed, you really want him to succeed - and will pity him when it fails. A film that is able of doing this deserves praise, but don't expect too many shirtless scenes....

Ondine (2009)
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starts promisingly but falls apart, 22 October 2010

The best fantasy films make one central leap - OK, she's a fish - and let the story flow logically from that point. Unfortunately, "Ondine" is such an amateurish film compared to it's source material (Dysybel) that it must also rely on magic, absurdly unlikely coincidences, and that crutch of the poor storyteller, having the main character speak her thoughts out loud for the audience's benefit. Colin Farrell plays his usual character, the oh-so-sensitive-and-sincere sap, and the real fantasy of the film is that he is the love interest and not someone else. Alicja Bachleda does a passable job of playing the mermaid - she just has to giggle, cry, and swim at the right moments. The film falls apart halfway through as it abruptly turns into an unfunny farce. The last few minutes of the film, with a second song and final scene, do not fit with the film and look like they were tacked on afterward to give the film a happy ending. Aside from Alicja's pert rack, the other redeeming features are the songs on the soundtrack, both lovely. If you are not feeling well and have stayed home from school or work, this film is as good a way as any to sleep with your eyes open. A mess.

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Equally great with the first part of this incredible Stieg Larssons Millennium trilogy, 19 October 2010

This was an awful, horrible, stinker of a movie. Bad acting on the part of all involved. Completely RIDICULOUS characters and situations. I felt insulted watching this. When I first turned it on, I thought it might be a spooky stalker style movie, then it just got worse and worse. I thought I was watching a movie written by a bunch of high school people. One thing I can't stand are totally ridiculous scenes that would never come close to happening in real life. I also can't stand clichéd moments and fake acting. I thought Noomi Rapace's character was laughable as were the rest. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of junk.

Alfredson should not get away with this mindless violence. There is virtually no character development at all. The plot in it's entirety is known within the first 5 minutes of the film. Consequently you can easily leave your seat 3 or 4 times to get popcorn, drink or use the facilities and return having missed nothing at all. For all who loved the flying limbs of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , there is more here for your delight. Yes we do have imaginations and we did not come to see FX. Good news is this is the last assalt on Blomqvist's classic tomes! The movie could have used some romance to take away briefly at least from the bullets and bombs. This simply made the film even more unbearable and hastened the onset of bordem.

My expectations were unmet with The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

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Watch WALK THE LINE, it's pretty much the same film except it's good., 18 October 2010

This was is one of the most confounding pieces of screen writing that I have ever experienced. Here is a movie built on the idea of a man who has the most phenomenal affliction in human history and he is surrounded by characters who treat his condition as if it were a new fab haircut. I was also put off by the film's pacing, Sam Taylor-Wood (a director who's work I usually admire) drives this movie so slowly that I felt as if I were experiencing Lennon's life in real time. I think my wife had the best observation: "Would Lennon have been of any interest if he didn't have his place with the Beatles?" Let's face it. The post Beatles solo careers after the break up pretty much bears that one out. At least Ringo had a part in the 1988 comedy "CAVEMAN".

Monsters (2010)
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Way Beyond Just COVERFIELD, 18 October 2010

The Monsters is a unique masterpiece written and directed by Gareth Edwards in the year 2010. The Monsters was kind of a B-movie, or at least didn't get the attention it deserves. By my opinion it's almost a perfection, it's really well written, and all the speeches are made up by the writer/director Gareth Edwards. The Boondock Saints is the 34 year old Gareth Edwards's first movie, and his second one, The Monsters 2: The Repentanence is in production and is coming later this year. The Monsters is a action/crime and drama film and for all I know, a pretty good one (believe me, seen it about 30 times).

The Monsters tells the story of a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border.

The Monsters is just amazing, great, a masterpiece. It's well written and Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy are amazing as the 'Monsters'. I gave the Monsters 10/10 (excellent). It's probably the best movie I've ever seen, I don't know how many times I've watched it, but it must be at least over 30 times. The Monsters did not get the attention it deserves and still doesn't, being one of the greatest ever made. Especially in this genre (Action/Giant Squid/Romance). If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you do it as soon as possible and if you've already seen it, do it again.

You know the drill, if COVERFIELD garners a 10, MONSTERS gets a 20.

Buried (2010)
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The Seinfeld of Thrillers, 28 September 2010

Why Seinfeld, you say? Because, um, was there a point to the movie? Actually, that's as much negativity as I can conjure up about it now, though. After reading Shiva-11's comments (with that great summary line, dang it, wish I had been so clever!) I had the wind taken out of my cynical sails. And Reynolds did do a great job. His emotions were very convincing, and unlike your typical Bruce Willis or Keanu Reeves showdown-with-the-bad-guy-on-the-phone flicks, Reynolds didn't suddenly invoke super-perception, heroic strength, and/or cowboy witticisms. Reynolds stayed realistic. I felt sorry for Reynolds, who is just an amazing actor, waste his talent on this turkey.

Piranha 3D (2010)
I enjoyed the part where the fake piranhas danced, 31 August 2010

The funniest joke in the long-awaited live-action/CGI adaptation of everyone's second-least favourite comic fish flick Piranha is actually intentional, which is kind of impressive. Of course, it's not funny in the way that the filmmakers intended it to be funny so that's too bad I guess but it is actually a joke that is actually funny. Some connection had been made, through the layers of awful script and boring staging and legitimately dodgy CGI. They intended to make me laugh, when they had the mean baracuda Barney call out our Owen-Wilson-voiced hero in the middle of the hero's crowning moment, a big raucous "O.C. rager" of a party, icing our dog out with a growled, "Piranha? More like… Piranhafake." And they did.

I laughed, I admit it. Piranhapuke, Piranhapoop, Piranhadreck… there's a lot of ways the screenwriters could have gone, and they chose Piranhafake, which…well fish fritters! it, it doesn't even rhyme. Notes: I also laughed when the filmmakers, seeking to set the tone after the family's big cross-country move to the O.C. from Kansas so the dad (Steven R. McQueen) could work for a dog-food company with a mean boss (William H. Macy, for some inexplicable reason) by mixing "California" by Phantom Planet almost directly into "California Love" by 2Pac. I assume they'd spent all the soundtrack licensing money by that point, because they left out "California" by Belinda Carlisle and "California" by John Mayall and "California" by Joni Mitchell and "Going back to Cali" by L.L. Cool J and "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Too bad.

Anyway Piranha is, we're told, a big, gangly goofy gang of gangsta fishies played by two or more real fishes in the film, that talks with a creepy CGI animated mouth. I'm pretty sure, at least, that they used more than one dog because sometimes Piranha has a big, dangly pair of testicles, and sometimes he doesn't, which is obviously problematic and I started thinking, while on-screen Piranha was having another interminable dialogue session with some other fish about something that to so brazenly, as filmmakers, use fishes with varying levels of testicle-havingness is kind of bold, almost as if they're saying "Yeah, sometimes 'Piranha's got nuts and sometimes he doesn't. We don't care, because nobody will notice, and if they do notice, it's because you're a perverted weirdo who both looks at and notes fish nuts." Which left me feeling vaguely insulted, and terribly aggrieved.

So Piranha has some friends that are piranhas and some human enemies, and he makes some mistakes and eventually gets sad and runs away from his family. Piranha then falls into a sink-hole along with another funny-looking but faithful and nice rainbow trout and then or perhaps before then there is a surfing championship and everything is fine, even the sub-plots about a kid that hates soccer.

Kids might like it, but I doubt it, as aside from being creepy and awkward and really poorly plotted it's just… dull. One of the first thing they teach you in screen writing school is "show, don't tell", that expository dialogue is a no-no and narrators all the more so. But fishes can't really act, and they don't really do anything except swim around and eat sandwiches so for the film to have a narrative structure the human cast has to talk, a lot, explaining everything, and because fishes don't drive or frame houses or fold clothes they talk while just… standing there looking around. It's hellaciously boring, but probably unavoidable as Piranha is clearly an intellectual property that fans have literally been screeching and rending their clothes to see brought to the big screen and given the ol' Hollywood treatment.

I don't have anything more to say about Piranha. 2/10

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