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A movie with a message--important., 23 September 2010

I don't usually write reviews, but I watched a movie recently that struck a nerve with me. After reading the reviews posted by others, I wanted to say how I felt about it. Several of the reviews were to the negative with adjectives like "sleaze." I suppose if that is what you look for, that is what you will find. Let me tell you what I found in the Lifetime presentation of Confessions of A Go Go Girl.

I have been a fan of movies all my life. Most of them were entertaining; a few were so well done they thrilled you. I believe that many, if not most, people who enjoy films get their enjoyment by watching the actors portray their roles. The more challenging that role is, the more interesting the movie becomes. That is what I look for, and that is what I found in this film.

In the last few years, I have been disappointed in the language used, in the descending degree of violence, and in the pathetic lack of good solid scripts that are backed up by real acting ability. That kind of ability is just as rare as those good solid scripts. So many pictures, today, miss the mark completely in these categories. They play to an audience that would do well to watch a film without the street language, and the violence, that is the product of a first rate script acted out by actors with genuine ability. Movies with a message, a moral, that will be recognized and used by those of us in need of a lesson in life. This "Go GO Girl" movie is one of those productions. It had no sorry language, or violence. The script was, to me, very carefully crafted. It brought out its characters as they would be expected to be in real life. It created situations and emotions that people today have to deal with every day. It presented a moral message that could be found by someone in need. That script was backed up by a cast of people who did an excellent job---every one of them.

I was especially impressed by Chelsea Hobbs. For a twenty-four year old, her part in that script was challenging---very challenging! She had to be: a daughter who asked her father,"what are you doing here" backed up by, "every woman in here is someone's daughter!" A daughter to her mother who asked her to explain the dancing. I don't think anyone could have answered that question better than Chelsea did. She did it with honesty, but she did it with--absolute sincerity. A sister that was called a "dog" by her brother, and still held her grace. A deceptive, but still loving, girl friend to her boyfriend. She was a friend to Sarah, when Sarah was weak and on the skids and thought only of herself. She had two real friends in that script; Donna was her friend and so was her boss played to perfection by Corbin Bernsen. All these different personalities required a different response--a different role to play. Add to that the challenge of bringing to completion the moral presented by the film, and it is quite an accomplishment.

I don't know how anyone who watched this movie could say that Chelsea Hobbs was anything but brilliant in her portrayal of Jane McCoy and the roller-coaster life she lived through. The scene, near the end, of her telling her "truth" to her acting class was--to me--very impressive.

To Chelsea and the cast and crew of "Confessions of A Go GO Girl"--thank you--for a job well done.