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I'm an Indian and have seen my fair share of Bollywood movies. The main reason I'm making this list is that Bollywood get generalized and ridiculed (rightly so!) for its singing and dancing routine, which appears ludicrous more often than not. But, these gems are the exceptions to the otherwise intellectually and creatively dwindling industry.
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There are a few things I would like to point out:

1)The list is in no particular order. I find that assigning numbers to each candidate would be unethical and will also undermine the idea of making a list. All these women seem like genuine good people which is also an important criteria for me.

2)I haven't taken into account the acting talent of these women while making the list. However, I certainly consider some of these beauties my favourite actresses.

3)This list is highly subjective and biased. If I find these women beautiful, it doesn't mean you'll too.
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A list of actors I really enjoy watching on screen.
Who's your favourite???
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