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a list of 160 titles
a list of 127 titles
A list of film serials that got out of hand up to the point that we don't care for more sequels or tie-ins
a list of 171 titles
A list of films that we (my wife and I) own that can be watched in a marathon
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This is a list of all of our Disney's animated theatrical films and their sequels.
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a list of 47 titles
A list of some of the many Shark horror films that have been coming out lately
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Basically a wish list of films we need to make our Disney studios animated movie collection complete.
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a list of 28 titles
List of zombie films I want to see that I have yet to see
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Golden B-movie treasures I wish to see.
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This is a list of upcoming films based on Marvel Comics
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Horror films with the words "Of the dead" or just "dead" at the end of the title that I own or want to see