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Don't give up ...gets better!, 25 July 2010

I've watched all current seasons of Moonlight, Blood Ties, True Blood, Vampire Diaries & Being Human. If you are a fan of any of these shows you will most likely enjoy 'The Gates'. The first episode sets up the story (which seems a little dull) but progresses quickly as episodes two and three roll along. Hang in there and you might be pleasantly surprised. Viewers who appreciate the 'in your face', slick blood and sexually driven 'True Blood' type of stories may be a bit disappointed here. The tone of this show in comparisons is very light. It focuses more on drama then on suspense, thrills and horror. I'll give you a spoiler free summary of the show if you have not yet watched it. It's a story of an enclosed community (surround by a gate ...surprise!) of super natural beings hiding their real identities from those who are human. Normal stuff (drama) of everyday human life takes place. Work, school, stress, love, hate and romance. The town sheriff (human) helps unravel the story as unexpected events require investigations. Through this slow process the secret identities of the characters are revealed to the viewer. There's much room for development so the possibilities are endless. I hope the writers can take it to the next level.