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Predators (2010)
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insulting, 25 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

why give this more than 1-3 stars? why? it's a total rip-off of the original.. come on you must see it if you've watched it. it's not honoring the first 2 movies it's ripping it off. the story should and could have been much better. none can hate the music cause it's part of what made the original so great but come on..same quotes? almost the same action sequences? the waterfall?? the "kill me" to the predator at the end? just's bad. i don't feel the impact of this supposed new story. it's as if they've made some alternate universe remake. really looks like the audience was scammed by watching this.

i mean why did adrien brody bother to put on those muscles when he only took his shirt off in the last 2min?.. or what was the point of fishburne's character? he's gone crazy? so what at least half of them were crazy already. and they could have figured it all out on their own. he was there for 5min.. or the "doctor"?.. plot filler? if you're a fan of the original predator movie with Arnold this is just..bad. the first 2 movies gave us a scare and some shocking revelations here and then and horror like feel. all this that came after it is just a silly growl monster movie.