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Watching a movie I haven't seen every day for a month, here they are.
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This is a personal list just to keep track of how many films I have seen, just because I'm interested to know. There are films I've forgotten and I will add them in due time.

RBR - Rewatch before rating
I use this for films I have not seen in a long time, therefore do not feel comfortable rating them

10 - One of my absolute favourite films. It doesn't have to be objectively perfect, but a film that made a huge impression on me. It could be a film that's incredibly entertaining or one that has had an emotional impact on me.

9 - A film that I consider 'Amazing' or 'Incredible'.

8 - A film that I consider 'great' and really stands out in one way or another.

7 - A good film.

6 - Above average.

5 - Average.

4 - Below average.

3 - A bad film.

2 - A really bad/terrible film

1 - Disgustingly terrible
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These are my absolute favourite films, they are all films that have effected me in some way.

The first 20 or so films were in a rough order but it got too hard so I gave up.
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Hollywood films are becoming more and more sugar coated as time goes on, this is becoming a serious problem in the film industry IMO. It leads to films being formulaic and clichè. Here are some hollywood films that defy the norm and give a taste of reality, films that feature extraordinary stories, but still feel real and relatable. You will notice a distinct lack of happy endings and films where 'everything works out in the end'.
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List of film noir and neo-noir movies I want to see
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My opinion so don't get your panties in a knot If there is anyone who you feel should or shouldn't be on this list, then leave a comment!

Unfinished, not in an order yet really
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Not just great actors but also people who did great films, or were good in a certain role. Tell me if I've missed anyone.
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If there's anything you think I've missed or is not properly suited feel free to complain

keep in mind I haven't seen every movie of the past year so don't ridicule me on that level

Also note: There is a rough order here but it's not exactly right