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I realized lately that the majority of my celeb crushes were Caucasian. I wondered why that was and realized that it's because I haven't seen too many actors of color that were young. So this is my attempt to make a list of actors and actresses 25 and younger of mixed or non-Caucasian ethnicity. I'll add more every time I get on! Tell me others in the comments! (I've only been adding actors who have worked since 2010.)
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Ten movies on my personal To Be Watched List (not my IMDB Watch List). Hopefully, I'll get to them soon. :)
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A list of actors I like for their talents, looks, etc, primarily their acting (off the top of my head), open to suggestions)
In order by when they come to the forefront my mind.
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Here's some tv shows that are currently airing or really recent and I like. Trying to get them all but there are some that are eluding me. I'd love to know what you watch in comments. If some of them are ones I agree I'll add them. :)
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The first of a long group of lists showing the younger performers making a name for themselves. Maybe you'll find some you haven't been aware of. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment! =)
(btw Each lists hold ten girls and ten guys; descriptions included)
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The best looking females with recurring roles from Degrassi: The Next Generation. (based on my opinion and not in any specific order, except the top three).
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A list of the best looking males with recurring roles from Degrassi: The Next Generation (based on my opinion and not in any particular order, except the top three)