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A Forest Horror, 9 July 2014

Andrew Davis("The Fugitive" 1993) directed this early genre effort about a group of young forest rangers(played by, among others, future TV and film stars Adrian Zmed, Joe Pantoliano, Rachel Ward, and Daryl Hannah) who run afoul of a mysterious murderer who may be one of their own, or a legendary local escaped mental patient. Can the survivors band together in time to prevent their own murders? Nicely directed by Davis, and contains some striking atmosphere and a sudden ending, but undone by a less-then compelling story and group of characters. More like "Rituals"(1978) than "Deliverance"(1972), but clearly inspired by "Friday The 13th" as well, only with a lower body count!

Was It A UFO?, 8 July 2014

Jud Taylor directed this TV movie that stars Glenn Ford as Colonel Pete Moore, in charge of the Whitney Radar Test Group that has sent a four-man crew on flight 412 to investigate electrical difficulties, but instead encounters what may either be a blip, or a UFO, but after they are interrogated by a mysterious military intelligence team that does not want to hear about "science fiction", the men find themselves uncomfortably at odds with their own government. Can Col. Moore get to the bottom of this matter, save his crew and all their careers? Reasonably good film defies its low budget and brief running time to tell a well-acted and tense narrative that doesn't provide easy answers, but instead unfolds in a matter-of-fact way, which is most effective. Also stars Bradford Dillman, David Soul, and Robert F. Lyons.

Murder Is In The Air, 3 July 2014

George McCowan ("Frogs") directed this obvious "Airport" & "Murder On The Orient Express" clone that stars Robert Stack as pilot Captain Larkin, who is flying a passenger jet airliner to Great Britain that is plagued by an unknown murderer who had warned the airport about the intended crime, but is discovered too early. After two murders and at least two false leads(everyone on board has issues of course!) can the no-nonsense captain find the murderer before he or she strikes again? Ralph Bellamy, Hugh O'Brian, Farrah Fawcett, Brooke Adams, and Sonny Bono costar. Woefully inept and tiresome film is clichéd and contrived beyond belief, though may well have inspired later spoof "Airplane!".

Fire! (1977) (TV)
Spreading Flames, 3 July 2014

Earl Bellamy directed this Irwin Allen produced TV movie that stars Ernest Borgnine("The Poseidon Adventure") as wealthy lumber mill owner Sam Brisbane, who tries to win back an old flame(played by Vera Miles) who owns a lodge in their mountain community. Their plans are ruined when a fire involving two prisoners(played by Neville Brand and Erik Estrada) gets out of control, threatening to destroy the area, and cost several lives... Donna Mills, Lloyd Nolan, Alex Cord, and Patty Duke costar. Made concurrently with "Flood"(1976), disaster film is an improvement, with more excitement and interesting story turns, and the expected(if quite familiar) scenes of triumph and tragedy.

Flood! (1976) (TV)
Heavy Water, 3 July 2014

Earl Bellamy directed this TV movie produced by Irwin Allen that stars Robert Culp as a helicopter pilot who becomes involved in the plight of the town of Brownsville, which is in a state of alarm because heavy rains have caused the nearby dam to overflow, and threaten to destroy it all together. Martin Milner plays the man trying to warn the stubborn mayor(played by Richard Basehart) about the threat, but he doesn't want to hear it, which will lead to disaster for all... Cameron Mitchel, Carol Lynley, Barbara Hershey and Teresa Wright costar. Disappointing film is a big build-up to very little, and contains a talky story that generates little interest, though the good cast tries.

Trouble In The Air, 1 July 2014

Robert Butler directed this TV movie that stars David Janssen as Pilot Captain Pete Douglass, who is having a bad day; his wife is having an operation while he must fly a passenger jet in a snowstorm from an airport that is also carrying a dangerous prisoner(played by Marjoe Gortner) in a jail transfer who of course escapes and proceeds to shoot his stolen gun in the cabin, causing all kinds of trouble. Past Oscar winners Ray Milland and Broderick Crawford costar. Good cast cannot save clichéd and predictable film that doesn't generate much interest or suspense. Mostly just a TV version of one of the "Airport" films that were popular in the 1970's.

Gargoyles (1972) (TV)
Diabolical Desert Demons, 30 June 2014

B.W.L. Norton directed this fondly remembered TV movie that stars Cornel Wilde as anthropologist/author Dr. Boley, who, along with his daughter Diana(played by Jennifer Salt) are in the Arizona desert where they meet up with a storekeeper named Uncle Willie, who tries to make a deal about an unusual skeleton he has found in a canyon, but his tale is cut short by the arrival of real Gargoyles, who must retrieve the bodies of their dead, and are also planning to take over the world, since more of them will be hatching in their caves... Effective film takes a bold approach in showing so much of the Gargoyles, not always successfully, but good script and direction make the difference.

Ants (1977) (TV)
Ants From A Pit, 29 June 2014

Robert Foxworth plays construction crew foreman Mike Carr, who discovers a horde of poisonous killer ants after two of his men are attacked while working in a pit being dug near an old-fashioned hotel, the Lakewood Manor, which soon thereafter becomes the last refuge of him and a few other people trapped there as the ant army advances upward and can they be stopped before they reach the top floor, where they will be trapped? Brian Dennehy and Suzanne Somers costar in this TV movie that remains watchable, with some suspense, but a story that is still quite clichéd and predictable; at least the ants were normal-sized for a change!

Spiders From A Plane, 29 June 2014

Tom Atkins(Horror film veteran) and Howard Hesseman play two rogue cargo plane pilots who are transporting coffee beans and three illegals from South America to the U.S., who also unknowingly carry stowaways: a group of Ecuadorian killer tarantulas hidden among the coffee bean sacks, who infest a town in California after the plane then crash lands following a storm. The local inhabitants(led by Claude Akins, Pat Hingle, among others) try to kill these spiders before more deaths occur, and prevent them from infecting their Orange crop at the processing plant... TV movie isn't bad, but is still far too contrived and predictable.

Snowbeast (1977) (TV)
Horror On The Snow, 29 June 2014

Herb Wallerstein directed this TV movie, a land-based "Jaws" clone that stars Bo Svenson as former Olympic Gold winning skier Gar Seberg, who is called upon by an old friend to hunt down a murderous Bigfoot-like creature terrorizing his ski resort just as the winter carnival is set to begin. Yvette Mimieux plays Gar's reporter wife Ellen, who becomes directly involved with the hunt along with the sheriff(played by Clint Walker), as it seems this particular "Bigfoot" isn't shy and reclusive at all... Despite being written by genre legend Joseph Stefano, story is uninspired and thin, though the direction does give it some tension in places, and the cast is fine.

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