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Homefront (2013/I)
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This movie is very much underrated, 25 August 2014

Honestly this movie is good, it's a movie for all the Jason Statham fans out there. I enjoyed watching this movie over the 2nd Hunger games movie; catching fire. If you like those movies with ex special forces, ex military, ex special agent or someone who's just a solo destroyer, this is the movie for you. Jason Statham is so underrated and needs to be more known for his acting in these great action movies he's in. The story is a simple base line and that's all you really need for having such a good actor; Jason Statham. Great film overall! Definitely would recommend this movie to action lovers, especially those who like to see amazing take downs, and showing the enemies who's the boss.

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White House Down, 6 December 2013

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Here we go again with Roland Emmerich the Director of 2012. I wasn't expecting much of a difference between this movie and 2012 as far as explosions go. Lets just say the main criteria for Roland was special effects as usual and unrealistic cataclysmic events that occur oh and corniness. The president getting shot and then later finding out that he got shot in the pocket watch to save his life, disappointing. If a bad guy wanted to kill someone aka the president bad enough he'd shoot him in the head. Oh and then the little girl coming out with a flag trying to flag off the jets, unreal.. the girl would obviously be running for her life. I just call this movie a failed remake of Olympus has Fallen, great job Olympus has Fallen stars you definitely pulled it off compared to this awful movie. Despite all the negative remarks I made toward this movie, the only reason I didn't rate it 0/10 or 1/10 is for the small scenes of comedy and special effects Roland loves so much. If I could give any words of advice to Roland, please retire it's for your own good.. Independence Day was one of the only good movies you made. 4/10 somewhat worth the effort..

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Absolutely awful, 9 November 2013

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If it wasn't for the hot girl and somewhat OK storyline to the movie I would've rated it a 1/10 or 0/10.

This is one of those movies with a very low budget, 20-50 people max are featured in the movie. There are hardly any details in the movie that it makes it boring, dull, and an unworthy movie to watch.

If I were to recommend anything to anyone about this movie it would be to not waste your time watching it as there are too many flaws to it and unrealism to it.

Unwrapped story: Two people in a small town of course are boyfriend/girlfriend and the boyfriend gets stuck in the ship. The guy who was in the ship gets out and it starts teleporting to areas around the world. The bad guys are people who are in the company who produced the so called teleporter and want to destroy the ship, but want to keep the technology/teleporter for future use. Turns out they don't listen to the scientist who is right and end up getting killed because of it. Rest of the story is on you or other reviews to waste your time with such an awful movie.

Savages (2012)
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Amazing movie, 9 June 2013

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Best movie I have seen in awhile. Great storyline and plot to it. Blake Lively narrates throughout the movie like it's her story to tell. She played the best character I could ever possibly imagine in the movie and owned it dead on. Her character satisfied me and gave her character a 100% even though she seemed to portray the character of a slut/whore. Later on you'll realize why she isn't a slut or a whore - many people in society need to understand people or a girl like her before they judge.

Anyways if you really like a movie with sexual scenes, drugs, war, gore, nudity, and one smokin hot girl.. this movie is for you.

Two words: Blake Lively. Enjoy.

The Day (2011/I)
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Absolute waste of time, 23 March 2013

This film is not worth your time, it's missing a story line, and a plot to the movie. Not to mention a lot of the movie didn't make sense at all and the ending scene wasn't really fulfilling.

I would definitely recommend NOT watching or wasting your time unless you're into gore films with a no meaning story.

Bottom line, go see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D if you're ready for some laughable and dumb points in this movie, The Day.

I however did find this movie to be randomized, meaning that you didn't really know what was going to happened next unless the characters said something was going to happen. Lots of realism, but hardly any meaning to the film.

3/10 for at least trying to make the film.

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Great, but stolen story line from the first Spiderman, 17 January 2013

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The movie has some very good parts and also some funny parts. The story line is basically the same as the first Spiderman, which is cool to be familiar with the film, but it makes the story too predictable and boring.

Some good parts I liked, which actually made me think outside of the movie. The amazing quote Uncle Ben stated and the old picture of him when he was younger just made me realize that we as people have to cherish more in life. Stop taking everything for granted and thank everything we have. If you're a good person, don't let the bad things get in your way, pound them down and move on. Don't let the bad bring you down, when you're originally a good person.

I felt like the bad guy did not play long enough in the movie and there was too much of an intro to the movie than anything. If the directors and writers decide to keep moving on with this movie than I would rate this film 10/10. Other then that it gets an 8/10.

The Divide (2011)
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Great movie, 1 November 2012

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At first I thought this movie was going to be about an outside film. Turns out unexpected to what I expected. It's not your average Apocalypse film.. it has a different taste to it, but in a sci-fi mode. It taught me a lot about even real life situations. Overall 9/10.

Moral of the story: 8 people get trapped in a basement, 1 knowing everything about the basement(keeping secrets locked away) so panic does not start. Turns out someone discovers the secret and chaos outbreaks throughout the rest of the film. In the end, 1 person get's out. From there on out you can figure out the rest since it's pretty self explanatory.