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Some of the guys I think are the hottest :b
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I hate all these women very very much they suck, are annoying & just need to GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
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List of ALL my fave TV show characters :)
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Not all are on air anymore, this is just a list of every TV show I still like enough that I would want to watch it if it was on TV right now :)
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These are the actresses who's faces need to be plastered everywhere and no one else besides who is on this list. They are good/nice/caring and not totally full of themselves. Their true selves shine through in their acting and in pix you can see they do not think of themselves as being the greatest thing that ever walked the face of the earth. For that, and many other things, I respect and admire them very much. That is true beauty :)
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Some of the best pix of hot guys (imo of course...) ;)
(Will add more later......)
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Ok so ya as the title already says these are obviously the movies I think are the best ever! :)
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All my fave movie characters :)