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Drama Show: Same old, same old, but, yet again same amazing!, 29 July 2010

As almost all drama shows are made on sort of the same plot, so is this one. As a true lover of drama shows I know a good catch when I see it, and this is surely one! Maybe it's same old, same old... But it's still same amazing. True feelings... True emotions... Great acting as well... How much I loved Calista Flockhart in Ally McBeal, she's even better in Brothers & Sisters. All compliments to this show. You say what you want, this is just my review. Really...It's maybe made up, and dramatic, but drama is in the rage of normality, not too much, but there isn't a lack of it. It was better than I actually expected. By the title... I don't know I just didn't think that I could actually became sort of addicted to this show.

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A guilty pleasure that brings you a touch of upper east side!, 20 July 2010

I watched this show first time few months ago when airing started in Croatia. I got hooked. It's a guilty pleasure. You have that sorta glamor and that little over the top drama. It has so many twists and turns, you can try to guess what will happen next, but you never know. In one moment you can hate one character because of something, and in the other moment that one is great, but someone else is now the one you should hate. Season Finale of Season 1 airs tomorrow in Croatia. Me and my best friend, we always watch Gossip Girl while texting each other. It's a great show for all the ones that love the guilty pleasure kind of shows. I think a guilty pleasure show is a show where there is a lots of drama and you get hooked easily, and you can't stop following it.