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Dragon Crusaders (2011) (V)
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Can somebody ask the people behind this movie to stop making movies anymore!, 20 October 2011

Unbelievable, this is a real bad movie! Well, not all of it. The actors have enough talent for a soap, but not for a movie. But the girl with the swords is okay, but only compare to the others of the cast. In a better movie she would fade away in the shadow of more talented actors. But the director of this movie has really zero talent. It's like there was no director at all while they where shooting this picture. And the ones in the editing room did really a lazy job. Like they just put together some scenes without looking at them. The cameraman made some nice shots once in a while. That was the only reason I kept watching, but nevertheless I was shocked that movies like this make it to DVD. I guess the ones who made this movie where not interested in making something good, but just making something because they had to. That's not a good motivation. Please, don't make any movies. Do something that you like but don't make a movie anymore. Can somebody tell the people behind this crap to look for another profesion.

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The movie could have been better, 31 August 2011

I don't know what stars to give the movie. It is okay, and some actors are very good, like the guy who plays the Nazi colonel. But because he plays his role so well you'll notice that other actors in the movie are not so talented/experienced. Sometimes you see some actors just standing there like they don't know what to do until it's time for them to say a line. Also the director could make some more cuts. The story is too slow here and there. The story is good, but maybe the screenwriter could focus more on how the resistance could stop the 'rabit hunt' on Jewish children and keep some parts that didn't have anything to do with that out of the story to keep the movie going. But nevertheless it's a fine movie with historical value. It's about the Christian resistance in the Netherlands during the second world war and how they fought against the evil national-socialist empire of Adolf Hitler. (2010)
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I enjoyed it very much and that's what movies are made for, isn't it?, 16 August 2011

Been a long while since I saw a movie that was fun to watch and also original. I've had it with all the Hollywoodfilm clichés. I gave it nine stars, not because it's a classic. No, it isn't that brilliant. But because I finally got the entertainment that I like but without the Hollywood clichés. Maybe I've seen too much American movies and should I see more European productions.

I got a message that I should submit more than 10 lines for a review? Why? If the word"s "fun" and "Original" tell the world what the movie is about, than that's enough isn't it? Well it that case something about the actors. They performed really well. The characters are well done, really convincing and realistic. Likeyour girl next door. My compliments.

Have I've reached my ten lines yet? I'm no good in counting. Well let's post it man. It says congretulations, so finally I've done something good in live! But I've to submit it it again. All these safety things.. so American :-(

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It's a pretty cool wanna-be-Guy-Richie-and-Tarrantino-movie., 20 July 2010

I'm watching the movie right now and I'm now half the way. But it looks to me that the creators of this movie watch too much Guy Richie and Quintin Tarrantino movies and wanted to make such movies too. So they copied their style, their stories, their type of characters and made this movie. It doesn't look original. It would be if the movie was shot 15 years ago, but now a days it isn't. Annyway, the positive thing about the movie is that it looks cool and sexy, but anything else is copied too much from Richie, Tarrantino and who else. If the people who made this would have add something new or original too it, it would have been something. I don't know if I want to continue watching the movie any further.