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Pom Poko (1994)
Hilarious, 13 January 2012

That may have been the funniest thing i have ever seen. The plot is that raccoons(English dub, i remind you) can shape-shift, and they use this power and their giant ball-sacks to torture humans in order to protect their forest from heavy construction. Oh, and they fly. Yes. Again, giant ball sacks, and the ball sacks are a "huge" part of the plot. plus some other stuff, such as the raccoons love season and the simple fact that they can transform, just made me crack up. A hand literally turned into a gun once. also a pretty good movie i guess, i was in it for the laughs though. Had a fantastic time watching it. Make sure you are in the right mood though.

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Give it a Chance, 5 January 2012

I love this series, and i think there are SO many people who would love it too. That said, it most certainly is not for everybody. I loved dragon ball z as a kid. today some of my favorite shows include the league, always sunny, the office, modern family, archer, arrested development, and other shows of that nature. Don't judge a book by its cover, give the series a chance. also be aware it gets better as the series goes on, but you have to watch the whole thing to get all the jokes. I'm just saying, don't think this shows humor is stupid. its just not for everybody. but his has almost nothing to do with normal taste in shows. if you like to laugh, give it a chance. you may just love it.

"The League" (2009/I)
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Funny and Enjoyable, 24 March 2011

This show is very humorous, and is still about football. It is about football enough to intrigue football fans, but not enough to bore people who know nothing about football. Because the show is semi-scripted, the acting also has a very real feel to it. The show is relative to average life and just is enjoyable to watch. Even the humor is the kind that is relative to the normal person. Just the way the characters talk is so believable, its like they are not actors, they are just a group of friends on film.

Although I am younger than the main characters, it reminds me of what my life is like/will be like. By the way I do play fantasy football.