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Ek Anhonee (2010) (V)
Weak, 15 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

EK anhonee is the story of a real estate agent who goes to finalize a deal for sale of one of his bungalows with a lady client whom he has not seen, and soon the plot unfurls and he's in for more on the way.

There is nothing realistic in this film....the storyline is poor, its a very low budget film, some cheap stuff is there, acting is weak, the editing is also bad, lighting used is poor and does not have that gloom of a horror flick at all, the stuff is quite predictable really.

The film does have a few thrills though. It also throws light on some realities in society. And I must say the actor who acted as police inspector has really acted well. The ending is quite unexpected and noteworthy, but still kinda bogus.

Wouldn't recommend

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Dubai well explored, 21 March 2015

This is a well directed film that is worth a watch. It also gives a glimpse into the life in Dubai for those who would be interested in that.

Playboy doctor Arun lives a lavish life on credit in Dubai, not regretting the past and no worrying about his future, until a time when he realizes that his style of living has cause problems for him and others,and he has to make his way out of them.

The reason for title of this film is evident only after half the film is done. The film talks about Pre Marital issues, explores the benefits of Positive thinking despite varying problems, the value of relationships in times of trouble, how a person's conscience can lead to difficulty in making decisions. It has pretty melodious songs.

The film is however too lengthy, and you need to have the patience to sit through it for over 2 and a half hours to enjoy it. All actors have played their respective roles well, and the depiction of Dubai is really natural.

Go for it

Gair (1999)
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Not what was expected, 1 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watched Gair thinking it'd be a crime thriller or something on the likes, but was totally off that genre. It's more of a family story.

Entrepreneur C.K.Oberoi (Amrish Puri) raises a child as his own when it is found abandoned, and the child Vijay Kumar(Ajay Devgn)grows to live up to his expectations, but soon has to face the ire of the envious and power hungry relatives of Oberoi who do not want Vijay to prosper.

The weak points? The film script is Uncoordinated. There are quite a bit flaws, like giving Indian idol as Prize for a western dance. There is boring comedy, and an Unnecessary display of dialogues to show Devgan's acting. The film also turns dumb after 2 hours..It is revealed who the hero's mother is , and that even though she knew him and was always aversed to him, she had never realised till then that he was her son !

The strong points? The dialogs are really good, especially of Amrish Puri and PAresh Rawal does a fine job as the villain. The film also has melodious songs , which was a good thing about Hindi films of the 90s

Filmistaan (2012)
One of a kind !, 28 February 2015

A really well made movie. Watched it first on an Air India flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Very contemporary, it describes the animosity between two nations and how cinema can act as a bride across this barrier between them, even among terrorists.

Aspiring wannabe actor Sunny travels from Mumbai to the Indo pak border for a foreign documentary shooting, where he alone is kidnapped by terrorists in Pakistan when they mistake him for the foreigners. Sunny is now kept prisoner among them, where he soon gets along with the villagers across the border and being a cinema buff himself, makes use of cinema to bridge the gap between different cultures.

The concept is great, music is slow and melodious, all actors have played their parts well. The film is so natural that you feel you are in the desert areas among the actors. And the climax is really noteworthy, something you'd never expect.

Not even half as good as Bhoot 1, 20 February 2015

Watched this as a horror fan, but really there's nothing special in this film. They have tried to combine the features of a documentary + TV serial + horror film+ camera recording like Paranormal activity.

A family of 4 moves in to a house whose previous tenants have simply gone missing, and then their sweet little daughter starts to see things and hear things no one else can, and then you know how it goes .

The good? Maybe a few thrills, the acting of the actors at times.

The bad? The film is nothing NEW and is just a mix of ideas from paranormal activity, Poltergeist and even from RGV's own films like Phoonk 2. Acting gets weak at times, effects aren't that good really. The film is quite predictable – white figures at night, sudden blasts of music, swing moving by itself, mirror images not moving after the person has moved from the mirror, doll….we've seen it all before.

Perhaps this film was made on a very low budget. I wouldn't recommend watching this. Bhoot was much better

Jal (2013)
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Meaningful but won't work our nowadays, 22 January 2015

This film is meaningful but it probably won't work out nowadays....people want stuff for entertainment nowadays..action, masala, etc.

Jal is the story of a diviner who helps the govt drill borewells to provide water for his village in Kutch, a place where water is so scarce that neighboring villages are always at loggerheads for it. But then things turn out bad because of greed.

It has a great concept but like I said, social films seldom do well.Maybe it's made just for awards, I donno...location is good, there is natural acting, you feel you're in the place itself seeing all the happenings. Songs are just OK according to me. Purab acts well, not like a modern young man that he usually acts as in films. This one is contemporary.

Should be worth a watch

Aaghaaz (2000)
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average film with ups and downs, 22 January 2015

Newly arrived Govind Narang gets into the bad books of Mumbai underworld when he rescues a girl from being molested by them. Soon the goons are after him, and with this return people or Narang's past, the whole of which form Aaghaaz.

It is a film depicting the mafia nuisance in society. The film is a mix of comedy,romance to please everyone in the crowd, because of which the film deviates it from its social direction.

The ladies acting is weak. The camera work is poor, being fast and shaky. The editing is weak with rapid transition from scene to song.

It may have a been a high budget movie of those days, as evidenced by the huge star cast, especially serial actors, and shooting in exotic locales like Malaysia and Switzerland.

Sunil Shetty does well but I don't like his unnecessary screaming like an animal. Else he's one of the best.

Deserves 5*

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A child's horror, not adult horror film, 22 January 2015

I watched this as I'd heard that it was well acclaimed, and I'm a horror fan. Dint find it so impressive though.

A family of 5 is tormented by paranormal forces in their house, and they employ paranormal investigators to help them.

The film is good for the acting, the special effects and make up work especially in the end, and all this 30 years ago in cinema is noteworthy.

But it's hardly scary…with luck, maybe some kids will get scared nowadays. the film is slow paced for the first quarter and then picks up speed. It's more of an investigation thriller film initially, and then changes it's theme. But it's definitely better and not even comparable to Friday the 13th films, which are just nonsense.

5 stars...lemme see how part 2 is.

Crank (2006)
Worst film of Jason Statham I've ever seen., 15 January 2015

I've been really impressed by Jason Statham, for his roles in Transporter and Expendables, but this one was a shame! A hit-man is injected by his rivals with a Chinese poison that will kill him shortly if he does not keep his adrenaline levels high until an antidote is found, which means he should do just about anything - kill, steal, run, jump....I don't wanna say more.

The only thing I found enjoyable was some comedy, that's it.I cannot appreciate anything else Apart from that it's full of grotesque stuff, sex , adult comedy and unbelievable things, like a man coming to attack his assailant even after his whole hand has been completely cut off, instead of writhing in shock and pain. And the F*** word is used in almost every sentence the actors utter.

Didn't like and wouldn't recommend

Taken 3 (2014)
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Taken for a ride?, 15 January 2015

I've liked the prequels and hence could not resist TAKEN 3, but though this film was exciting, I didn't find it as fast paced and dynamic as its prequels.

Bryan mills is faced with the challenge of his life when his ex wife is brutally murdered, and the blame is on him this time as he has been well implicated by his enemies. Now not only does he have to evade the law and prove his innocence, he also has to protect his only daughter who is under threat from the assailants.

Like mentioned, this is not as dynamic as the prequels.It also does not fall on similar one is really "taken" in the film. The action sequences are good, especially in the climax, and there are a pretty good number of twists and turns, some of which one wouldn't expect...well, at least I did not.

Forrest Whittaker and Liam Neeson are too good and noteworthy. There is some bit of unbelievable stuff, like coming out of explosions unscathed, but well, this is reel life, isn't it?

Liam Neeson fans like me will like this one

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