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The Best Legal Drama in a Long Time, 25 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been mesmerized by 'The Good Wife' a while now, but I never had the time to calmly watch the second season. I just started today and I was amazed. I honestly think this is one of the best legal dramas ever made, probably because it's not that much of a drama and it manages to actually be quiet, well, 'legal'. The side-story is a mix of personal affairs and politics and it actually adds cohesion and interest to the rest of the plot. The legal scenarios are very well crafted and believable. In this premier, Alicia is divided between her personal drama and a difficult case where the client refuses representation by a lawyer. As always, both story lines intertwine and balance each other perfectly maintaining interest and focus. Also, the direction is marvelous. I just realized this today, but the camera work is fantastic and way beyond TV level. The music is intelligently chosen and the actors also do an amazing job.

Bottomline, this is a great appetizer to the rest of the season. I hope they maintain the focus and evolve the main storyline a little bit more.

The Best Dramatic Show On TV, 29 October 2010

Friday Night Lights or, as us fans dearly like to call it, FNL is something just beyond anything else I've seen in TV. The dramatic quality of the show is easily felt from the very first episode and it grows and softens as needed along the first three seasons. The story revolves around a high-school Texas football team which, I may add, doesn't sound as nearly as interesting as it actually is. Centered in Coach Taylor's strong but fatherly persona, FNL evolves from the first second to something beyond high-school drama and approaches dozens of thematics, always in a down-to-earth-but-dramatic-enough-to-keep-you-interested way. Even when the show seemed to have nothing else to add, I mean, after the end of the third season, they managed to twist it around and make it interesting again. And although the plot from then on didn't always manage to achieve that honest tone of the previous seasons, the show still had a lot of magic. Now the fifth season begins and I'm already feeling homesick. The characters are so well developed that I actually have an emotional bound to them. I can see it as difficult to me to let go when this ends. All I hope for is an ending that crowns fairly the show.