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Connected Stories-Multiple story line- Ensemble cast in a movie- Parallel stories in one
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The list give my favorite Horror/Thriller films. I can conclude on one thing after watching a lot of horror/thriller films that, Thrillers are the one which makes you go into the movie and gives you chills and thrills since it has got psychotic action, Sci-fi facts like split personality,mutation,analysis of a serial killer's style, slashers etc. They all can be compared to reality so you can feel them and get spine chilled sometimes. whereas horror flicks works greatly on the chills part but the feel and getting into the movie will be missing since they are all based on super natural,paranormal,ghosts which not everybody could have seen or felt. The list will have a good numbers in both horror and thrillers from Chinese,English,Norwegian etc.
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Actress who crossed 40 by their age but still they are most wanted in movies because of their charisma. Now it's your turn to vote for your favourite beautiful actress
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As a viewer I have enjoyed watching lots of movies in various languages. Out of which I would say some movies made me laugh, some made me scream,some made me to think, even some movies I get to know the language better. There are some movies which I remember for the story which reflects the culture of people of a country. Basically these movies may be comedy, drama or any kind but it depicts the culture of people of that country or to be right that part of the country. These makes me think to compare the same story situation if it were to happen in some other location in the world what would have happened? So I call them culture reflecting movies.
Note: This is not my final list will be adding as I watch..