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I definitely didn't expected this much hatred for The Conclusion. Get some life people!
15 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A hyped movie earn a huge amount on day 1 and continue to earn with the help of the response of the audience and Baahubali 2 proved it. People loved it but a small section of the public had an intense level of hatred, even before the release I assume, such that they wrote extremely harsh reviews. I want them to ask questions related to it. I bet they never had the expectation they reflected in their comments. What nonsense are you talking about? 3 Idiots had "ALL IS WELL" kicking thing but everyone loved it. Even epics like LOTR had some in-digestive stunts but I am pretty much confident that they would had loved them even though most of them defied science. This section of people genuinely need some life. While reading a few, they even compared fans being Modi Bhakts to calling the country dumb. Calling others gullible and assuming yourself as superior reflects how much you are into your egoistic world with no coming back.

Moving to the movie's review, amazing story with exceptional acting especially of Devsena and Amarendra Baahubali along with Katappa, Bhalla and Shivgami. Actually, everyone acted at their very best which made this movie beautiful. VFX, for an Indian film, was perfectly suited and the screenplay was at its very best.

Action scenes in the Climax went too far to be real but was eclipsed by the greatness of other scenes which stuck me till the end. Songs were to o good to be a Hindi dubbed movie. Majority of original Hindi films would've failed to deliver the soundtrack of that level. Finally moving to the ratings- Direction - 10/10 Acting - 10/10 Action - 9/10 (for the pre climax scene, just before Mahendra Baahubali enters palace) Music - 10/10 Fun - 10/10 Overall - 10/10 (without any doubt) The perfect conclusion to a mind-boggling saga.

I've read some articles mentioning hatred from the elite liberal section as it is the unification of North and South along with their cultural similarities and making it a political issue. It's disappointing.

Thank you!
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Fan (I) (2016)
Predictable ? Yes , Entertaining ? Again Yes , Overall - One Time Watch
17 April 2016
Contains No Spoilers .

I will keep it short n sweet since there are many reviewers better than me . Read all the reviews , few were good but some were paid i guess .(Honestly and I am not a Salmaniac or whatever you call me)

Movie was good and highly enjoyable for a SRK Fan but I think if you are a neutral movie goer , Think twice that this Movie deserves your bucks or not .

Direction was good and Acting was also pretty good , But When You compare script and story , it does lags behind .

In Short , For A SRK FAN - Go n Watch , You won't get disappointed .

For Others - Think Twice

Overall Ratings - 5/10 Acting - 7.5/10 Script and Story - 3.5/10 Direction 6.5/10

Peace Out .
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Airlift (2016)
After 3 Idiots , Waited 6 Years for Another Perfect Movie Again .
24 January 2016
Raja Krishna Menon is well known for his Skills in direction and this movie by far took his level to all time high . Direction , Screenplay , Cinematography and every other aspects were perfect .

No wonder it is stable with almost 10k votes at 9.5/10 . I think 9.5 is also a little less for this masterpiece .

Film never waited as it was in such a pace that nothing will bore you ever . From start to end , it gets better . Usually most of the films fail to achieve this heroic . Usually a film of this genre goes flatten after 1 hr but it never did .

This movie was so much awaited in gulf countries and well-received too . Reviews from Overseas are flawless and by Indian are over-whelming .

Talking of Songs , Frankly speaking , Songs weren't needed i think (Like Baby) but since it targeted a few more audience , it played it part .

Rip-Off characters are great and comic .

As far as Acting goes , Akshay as Ranjit Katiyal was too good to watch , One of his best . Nimrita was beautiful and amazing too . Purab Kohli as Ibrahim was nice and other characters were well fitted too .

Now for story , it was little alterated but i think it was needed to make it from 1.45 hrs to 2 hrs Movie .

Last 30 Mins was a well executed patriotic plot and went amazingly with the story .

What else can i say , If you miss it from theaters , You are missing one of the epics from bollywood . Worth your bucks once definitely or maybe twice and thrice for goosebumps at the climax .

In One Word - " Masterpiece " .

Movie - 10/10 without any doubt . Acting - 9.5/10 Songs - 8/10 Story - 11/10
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Masterpiece by Bhansali Sir
18 December 2015
One of the best performance by Bansali Sir Ever .

Project it as the third spin off from a trilogy started from Hum dil de chuke sanam and Devdas where Salman and Shahrukh Stealed the show , but here Deepika did .

Ranveer and Priyanka were lovely to watch but Deepika was far better . Belonging to such a strong and non-entertaining genre , it did entertained us and I will highly recommend you to watch this .

Some may have rated it down (Fan wars or something) but believe me , it will show a spike and gradually may end up around 8 or something .

Deserves your bucks and after watching it , you will for sure oblige Bhansali Sir to the magic he brought back that was missing from Bollywood for the past few years .

Story 9/10 Songs 9/10 Dialogues 10/10 Acting 9/10 Direction 10/10

Overall 9/10
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Dilwale (2015)
Want a good Sleep in an Air condition ? This is Your Movie
18 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously , After Golmaal Fun Unlimited , Rohit Shetty's Bad run is never ending . The Plot was matter less , Story was pretty much mixed up . The Best Word to describe is "Raita" with all the genres tried to mess it up .

As far as Acting is concerned , Kajol was good both SRK was disappointing .

It will be a Box-Office on day 1 but will follow the path of Happy New Year and there is high chances of it losing the battle against "Bajirao Mastani" .

Plot 0.5/5 Acting 1/5 Songs 0.5/5 Story 1/5

Overall 0.5/5

SRK's third in a row . I hope Raees saves the day .
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PK (2014)
Bollywood's New Trend :- Bash Hindus , They will love it .
16 July 2015
Seriously , i am a hindu and i am feeling so much offended after watching this film . Even some of my Christian friends felt bad with the dialogue about heaven and all . And the worst thing is when asked Aamir khan why didn't he made the fun of Islam , He said there is nothing to laugh at in Islam .

Now moving to the film and script , Raju sir , why didn't you just titled it as OMG remake . Even dialogues copied from the movie . Pretty bad mixture with Gadar's Love story in reverse (Apparently Bollywood likes to do it with reigning 3 Khans) and even worse alien than that of Joker .

Bad songs , needless Sanjay Dutt Add-On , Not original script , Much Hyped and One of the worst conceptual movie of bollywood .

This movie rides on the boat of controversy to board at a mammoth 700+ crore total with Oars from stories of previous bollywood films .

Loved your 3 Idiots and Munna duology but definitely not this one .

Advice :- Come up with some original script instead of offering OMG's makers a huge bucks to not release the film and try to not take the help of controversies to earn and reviews (Mainly on religious issues)
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Just don't miss this one
9 July 2015
Great cinematography with concept and story in it . Nice directorial work by S. S. Rajamouli and the budget reflects in a heavy content of the film . I thoroughly enjoyed the paid preview . Its a first real tribute from film industry to the greatest epics of all time "The Mahabharata" .

Luring action sequence and VFX and one of the nicest delivered again from south .

Making bollywood look bad again in India , its absolutely not catching up with the southern films .

I am a north Indian and not a great fan of south but they really making bollywood run for its money spree .

First I then Kanchana 2 and now the mighty Bahubali .

Story - 9/10 Acting - 8/10 Visuals - 10/10

Overall 9/10
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Sinister (I) (2012)
You call that Scary ??? Naaah
5 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A below average horror flick .

Very predictable and ordinary acting . Anybody can predict when that child went missing . Kinda a black magic film then a horror and ghosts were terrible to watch .

Good for time pass but if you are planning to get scared like grudge , skip this one because it will disappoint you (Like it did to me) .

6.8 too much .

I will go for between 4-5 or 5.5 on extreme end .

Story - 3/5 , Acting - 2/5 , Horror - 1/5

Overall - 2/5
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Please no more terminator sequels ...
2 July 2015
Terminator 1 .... Epic Terminator 2 .... Great Terminator 3 .... Sweet Terminator 4 .... Nice Terminator 5 .... Huh? .

This series is following the footsteps of resident evil series (even worst though) . Story was not good and i know we've so many Arnold fans ( i am one of them ) but now intense action sequence for Arnold , Na . He should do comedy and leave actions to some new comers .

Direction and screenplay was good thats why 4/10 but i suggest filmmakers to stop making terminator series and modify the plot to a new sequence .

Overall a one time watch for hardcore terminator fan .

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (2004–2017)
Andaz Apna Apna of Indian Television
23 June 2015
Way ahead of its age just like andaz apna apna , this is a pure masterpiece . All characters suited best and thoroughly deserve 9+ rating out of 10 .

Watch it again and again and i bet you wont get bored even after 20th turn of an episode .

Start was slow but with 3rd episode , it picked it pace and never looked back .

Best char is maya followed by rosesh indu monisha and sahil .

I hope they bring 2nd season , maybe too late but still fingers crossed .

Acting :- 10/10 Cast :- 10/10 Direction :- 10/10 Add on char :- 10/10

OVERALL 10/10 .... Don't miss this ;)
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