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Hall Pass (2011)
weekend pass would be enough
9 July 2011
Bobby and Peter Farrelly came up big with hit-comedy There's Something About Mary back in the 90's. Although they have kept hold of their niche, they have gone backwards after that. I mean, Hall Pass was a funny movie. I laughed several times. Especially when there was girl who took a sneeze and a fart at a same time. But still, there was something missing. At that something is crucial for those kind of movies. I think it achieved its point because I was watching it together with ten friends. I think seeing it lonely or with girlfriend couldn't be that enjoyable. But that's my opinion.

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis are themselves, which means a friendly guys with positive attitudes and sense of humour. They have some interesting side-characters, most notably Nicky Whelan who is pretty darn sexy.

The last part of the movie was quite stupid, but I liked the film had a point. One week for these kind of guys is too much, but it certainly isn't for me. At the moment.
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Sanctum (2011)
enjoy nature
9 July 2011
Hey, you're not the only one who saw the movie and later was confused why this picture is marketed with the name of James Cameron. Cause it's how I see things. James Cameron has worldwide name which has a great reputation of developing an extraordinary big projects. Sanctum is definitely not one of them. It seemed like it was done quickly, the script was not original and you knew what was going to happen. I thought that they had just installed James Cameron's name on the poster so it sells better and James himself had nothing to do with the film. But I don't want to sound that bloody negative. The movie was still fun sometimes. Quite some intense scenes, but I didn't find them catchy enough. I liked the chick who played Victoria though.

Most of all, what I enjoyed the most was nature. In the beginning there are few incredible overview scenes of the worlds biggest cave. Unfortunately, that's probably the only reason I suggest you to see this movie.
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In America (2002)
no stars but lots of stardom
23 June 2011
First of all, I'd like to say that I was hugely impressed. Mostly because of the work Jim Sheridan has done here. An excellent Irish director who has his own unique way to create very good movies. As I understand this movie is quite personal to him and dedicated to his family. It's easy to see why. The movie is all about family. It shows what a great influence a family has for its members. What it means to stick together and to climb over all the obstacles life throws on the road. But the most important note the movie points is the power of overcoming a loss of a family member. Very lovely and inspirational movie. It has its tragic and heartfelt scenes which make In America a wonderful movie. Recommended for all the families.

Great job by Jim Sheridan because of creating an atmosphere where there is no first-class movie stars, but still cast is one the strongest part of the movie. It shows you the worth of this movie.
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Buried (2010)
oh my god
18 June 2011
Got to tell you, this is one the best one man shows I have ever seen. The fact that we only see Ryan Reynolds on the screen mixed with a fact that the movie is extremely intense, makes it pretty inviting, don't you think? I think you do, and you have right. Buried is just so thrilling. I haven't seen such a good thriller for some time. I loved it, because it gave you several clues and directions where to head to, but in the end it really surprises you. It's very original movie. I highly recommend it for everyone who'd like to have something tasty for midnight movie. Oh, you get the feeling and you probably gonna like it too.

Ryan Reynold's greatest performance by a clear mile. He shows something different and I think he has brought home an appreciation for that. In overall, I'd just like to add that go see the movie. You might use the phrase from my title.
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No Strings Attached (I) (2011)
Kelso won the heart of my golden girl
18 June 2011
First of all, I have to say that this movie is sexy and funny. But these are not the main reasons why you should see this. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman are the reason. Especially the latter. For me, Natalie Portman is the best actress around. I absolutely love her. Ashton Kutcher is one the best comedian and charismatic actors around. He is confident, good-looking and -talking, so it's a near perfect match. Although the subject in the movie is very much about sex, we actually see few scenes of actual sex on screen. But it doesn't decrease the value of the movie. What can I say is that, if there would be any other two stars on the screen, the movie would get a lower rating from me, but as I said, they have picked the best bits.

Ashton Kutcher will almost certainly be remembered as Michael Kelso from the famous TV-series. A great character. And it's nice to see that he has an excellent taste for women.
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Stop-Loss (2008)
i see talent
5 June 2011
Stop-Loss is quite a controversial movie. It's not your regular war movie. It has few scenes which the story happens in Iraq, but mainly it goes in US where the soldiers have returned from the mission. They are trying to conflate back to civilian life which actually seems harder than going through battles back in the far east. It's intriguing because the movie has a point against the government system which has a fail spot. But for me, what I really enjoyed, was the story more important than the vital factor for which the movie wanted to point the finger to.

I liked the cast. Young and talented actors such as Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt give all good performances. And also we got good-looking Abbie Cornish. Stand-out performance - Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I suggest to see the movie because of its talent. You see the future and probably you like it.
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The Bank Job (2008)
following Guy's path
30 May 2011
I can honestly say, this movie is worth seeing. I like British stuff, especially if its good British stuff. The Bank Job that is. I must admit, I didn't love it as much as Guy Ritchie's two famous cult movies, but I really liked it still though. There are some truly intense scenes mixed with a brilliant British slang. I think the screenplay was very original and well written. There were many open ropes and that is the basic of an interesting movie. So it's my recommendation.

We all know Jason Statham and what he is capable of. He doesn't disappoint here as well. Perfect for the role and he has some fantastic supporting actresses too.

I haven't seen such a story told before in a movie. Maybe only read in Mickey Mouse comics book where The Beagle Boys were thinking about pulling off such an idea.
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the royal voice that shakes
18 May 2011
Tom Hooper has delivered a masterful display here. There's no questions that this piece of art is worth for all these Oscars and other accommodations that it has won. Made just for under 20 million, it became a worldwide hit. And that's a big achievement for purely British movie. I have to admit, my expectations were sky-high and it didn't live up to that hype, but I still enjoyed it though. I wasn't aware of King George VI's life that he was a stammer which gave the basic to that a good inspiring story. Now I know that and I suggest others to be known about that too.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are the best part of the movie. Perfect for the roles and they are worth their nominations. It's hard to realize that Firth is not actually a stammerer. An Oscar for that is what I call job well done.

I think almost everyone has had a moment when they are to speak in front of some size of audience and then they just can't say the words. That's called out of words. Welcome to King George VI's world.
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Lord of War (2005)
the businessman
16 May 2011
A really intense and exciting movie. I was thoroughly caught in the moment. Once I pushed the play button, I wanted it to play till the end. I think it's going to be almost with everyone. Because this one here is totally something different. Director Andrew Niccol is a newcomer and he has come with a bang. Terrific script and unique story. I mean, this is quality stuff. Highly recommended. Guys find it more interesting though. I can even say that you are not a guy if this one leaves you with nothing.

A great cast is another big plus of LOW. Nicolas Cage has done many stupid films, but in this, he really is who we are used to see on the screen. A good-talking, confident and skillful guy. Very good supporting roles from the great Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke. Bridget Moynahan as Ava Fontaine gives us something extremely beautiful to see. So it's not only guns and bullets, there's a very good-looking woman too on the screen.

Although it is not a true story, there is material in which this picture has got some key points. Leaving everything on one side, you get actually a great story how one simple guy became an extraordinary businessman. That's combination of confidence and intelligence. And it's awesome to see.
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Rescue Dawn (2006)
bale got rescued
16 May 2011
War movies are one of my favorites. This one here is not an average war movie. It's more like an inspiring story which happened during the Vietnam War. But it's still very catchy and gives you that grippy feeling that you are in the battle. Men would be the audience for the movie, but I suggest it to women who want to get a motivational boost as well.

Christian Bale gives a really good appearance. It seems to me the more movies I see from the guy, the more I like him. Very versatile and boy, he can survive. Some nice guest appearances too.

Although it is pretty clear what is the outcome of this movie, but I can assure, the road is trippy and exciting. Title says what happens, but still take a look. It's probably worth it.
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