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Captures my attention from time to time., 26 September 2010

Well,I must admit this show isn't too bad.I think it is absolutely adorable how Nick tries to make teen shows. But other than that this show is pretty funny. The show follows two step-bothers Drake Parker and Josh Peck,who are complete opposites at school now trying to work together. Its strongest point is that it resurrected "Abott and Costello" type comedies. Believe me sometimes they try a little too hard but this show is pretty good for just about anyone. People of all ages can enjoy it. Another thing is that it isn't predictable. I mean,sometimes you can sense whats going to happen but there are other times where I have been completely taken by surprise.This show is pretty good,Give it a chance if you haven't already.

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The only thing that is "Oh so sad" is that The Replacements was actually shown to the public., 26 September 2010

I really did not have high hopes for this show at all. I thought it was going to be another "The Buzz on Maggie" and I was right. The only thing this is trying to tell kids that if you don't like something,Call an imaginary company to take them away.What do they even do with the people they replace? Starve them of food and water and make them look at the writing of this terrible show? I wouldn't wish this show on my worst enemy. If any thing else they should just flat out say that they want kids to be judgmental of people at first sight. Not to mention that the kids are so poorly drawn...their heads are square and have freakin' square noses that are discolored. These are the things that make me think of the times when Disney actually looked at what was coming on their network.

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Basically your standard show about Anthropromorphic animals who act like teens., 26 September 2010

This show is like the standard type sitcom about as trio of animals (in this case,fish) who live like teens and deal with your typical teenage issues like crushes,dances,break-ups,tests,zits,your usually generic teenage show fare. This show is extremely similar to another Disney Show "The Buzz On Maggie" which was canceled after one season I believe. This show is not interesting and extremely generic. I actually think "generic" is the best word to describe this show. It's exactly like every other teenage show I've seen before. Nothiing stands out in the slightest. Kyle Massey is a decent voice actor but every time I hear the characters voice (Milo) I think "Kyle Massey". he didn't exactly characterize it or anything. It's exactly his voice. Overall this show is very poor,but it's not terrible. Be prepared to (not) see this show be put onto a 4:30 AM slot very soon.