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Best action movie of 2014!!!!, 16 August 2014

I was very sceptical about this movie with the whole controversy about the rating,the leak,the young expendables and this being the "third" movie in this series.And to tell you the truth the first 10 minutes made me think this is a sinking ship but as soon as the plot starts moving this movie just keeps getting better and better; with the unravelling of the story and the introduction of different characters old and new. This series is not known for it's great writing but in this entry the script is the hero.The story was awesome.The whole point of leaving your best friends to save them was really good.And the whole Cain and Abel issue between Barney and Stonebanks works very well.These two did start the whole 80's action movie genre.Stallone always the righteous hero. His Barney is the focal point of this movie and you have to give him credit for giving carrying the whole film.He literally is the older brother/father figure these guys need.And Gibson the dark anti-hero who finally went over the edge;in real and reel.He is so good here with his venom spouting dialogue,crazy eyes and devil may care attitude.You feel at once the love and hatred he has for his former pal. The old Ex's each have their moments but not much to do.Young Ex's are average but their segments move quickly for you to get bored. Snipes is a welcome addition doing what only he can do best.Ford really seems to have the most fun he's had in years here and he's good.Grammar does what only he can do and he almost steals the movie.Arnold and Jet Li are funny.And Mr. Banderas.It's like he really has been dying to join this series and when he does,he runs away with the entire movie!! Production values,editing and music are solid.Action co-ordination is very well done and allows everyone a chance to show their talents.And finally Patrick Hughes.I would just like to say this young man has a very bright future ahead of him.Thanks to Sly for trusting him. Cannot wait for The Expendables 4.

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Very interesting,fast paced Whodunnit!!, 27 February 2014

Like all of Don Siegel's movies we are immersed in the action from the beginning of this spectacularly shot mystery thriller.Not a single frame,word or gesture is wasted just like in all of Don's films.No wonder Clint Eastwood attributes his own economical movie-making style to him. Cornel Wilde's deputy sheriff carries the whole film very well like in a old school noir mystery he is in almost every scene piecing the puzzle along with us and we are not given any information other than what he learns therefore the final revelation is as shocking to us as is to him. Like of all Don Siegel movies the supporting cast is great; including the late and great Edgar Buchanon, Siegel regular Jack Elam and the very beautiful and charming Victoria Shaw.But like in all his films the bad guy (revealed at the end)is awesome. Kudos to Don Siegel ,one of my all time favourite directors. Special mention has to be made of the film's stuntmen's work in the climax.I won't spoil it but it's a nail biting sequence.

Shapath (1997)
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Mithunda's best post moving to Ooty Movie!!, 24 January 2014

Around the mid 90's when the next generation of stars(the 3 Khan's and Khiladi Kumar mainly) our 80's Superstars either went into politics (Vinod Khanna & Shatrughan Sinha); went into semi retired-ness(Jeetendra,Rishi Kapoor); kept working in B grade or even C grade films (Dharmendra)or just kept on struggling till they hit it big again (Amitabh Bachchan). Mithunda being younger and physically in way better shape than these guys seeing that his movies were not doing so well in major cities but very successful in smaller territories and theatres even in the cities; and if they could be made cheaper could be very profitable for all involved moved to Ooty in Bangalore.He Purchased a chain of hotels there,moved there with his family and worked with mostly the same cast and crews to make cheap but not necessarily bad action-thriller movies.Shapath is the best of them!Trust me I've seen all of them.

The main plot deals with the mystery regarding the killing of local politicians by the cities gangsters to keep their bought and paid for politician in power.It's very intricately plotted since we don't know till the very end who's the boss(course it's kind of guessable)but the fun is in watching Dada and Jackie solve the puzzle together and kick some serious ass along the way.The action sequences are very,very well done.Specially the climax where it's just one long sequence running for around 25 minutes and it's some serious carnage including cars blasting,limbs tearing,3-4 guys jumping in the air after getting kicked and bursting through glass walls.Kudos to action director Rambo.

One of the best things about the movie is it's solid supporting cast with nobody hamming or phoning it in.Kader Khan,Gulshan Grover,Salim Ghouse,Ranjeet(my favourite)and Raza Murad are the bad guys; what a line-up.Achyut podtar in a rare positive role was surprising.And Shakti Kapoor & Guddi Maruti were wonderful as the comic relief's. Karina Grover was hot.Jackie and Ramya were OK but the movie belongs to Dada.Playing a disgraced commando turned drunken mafia enforcer he belongs in a Japanese samurai movie.And he's awesome.

The music is pretty good too.Specially "Chuski" and the superhit "Thoda intezaar ka mazaa li jiye" with our two heroes shaking a leg with none other than the singer Altaaf Raja himself in a cameo.

Very poorly done Daku movie!, 23 October 2011

It's a shame that with a cast including Dutt Saab,Ajit Sir and Khan Saab along with a good director like Shibu Mitra who was a masala action film specialist(Paap Ki Duniya,Maa Kasam,Ilzaam etc.)this would be a very below average movie.But it is.It's got a good starting point city sharp-shooter comes to a village to avenge his father's murder against a gang of dacoit's who have been reigning terror for a hundred years.But it is too and I repeat too talky for an action film.Valuable screen time is wasted in lengthy dialogues and monologues with the three principal characters going at it against each other but nothing coming of it.And they keep on threatening each other every five minutes but nothing comes of it.Also this film has on of the chubbiest heroines ever to come on the bollywood screen Leena Chandravarkar.Man, in one scene she's sitting on a tree.I hope the tree survived,this movie did not.I will be donating my copy to my local library.I refuse to keep this film in my Dacoit-Currey Westen collection.

Your average 70's dacoit oater!, 18 October 2011

There's not much to recommend this film except maybe for die hard Mr. Shashi Kapoor fans to see him play a daku probably the first and last time in his career.He looks completely out of place here.More at home is Mr. Dutt who along with Mr. Feroz Khan owned the daku genre.No songs,dialogues,scenes or shots standout in this film.The only thing good about this mess is that it moves at a good pace and Kader bhai's wig.Seriously he looks so funny.Reena Roy and Sulakshana Pandit have not much to do.But Iftekhar Saab probably has this as his best role after Don.And though the movie is called Ganga Aur Suraj no one knows who is Suraj till the climax.Hahahaha!

Heera (1973)
This is how Shatru made a leading man!, 14 October 2011

Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna are two actors who started out as baddies but Shatru cause of his dialogue delivery and ability to upstage other actors(watch him kick Big B's butt in Kaala Pathar)and V.K. cause of his good looks were "promoted" from being villains to heroes and rest we all know.This is one of those movies where you end up rooting for the bad guy cause he is so cool.Shotgun Sinha as Balwant kills,plunders,lies,cheats,blows rings with cigarette smoke,tortures,gives punch-line after punch line and walks away with the whole show.And although I love Mr. Dutt,Shotgun is just too good in this film.Besides that the film doesn't have much to offer.Special mention should be made of the action sequence where Dutt Saab takes on a gang of goons including Mac-Mohan in an under-construction building.It's done really well and very stylishly.

Nice buddy action movie!, 6 October 2011

Mr. Khan n Mr. Khanna star as a couple of dacoit brothers from the village who after their whole gang is slaughtered by the police thanks to Anwar Hussain Saab move to "Bambai" to get revenge against him and help out the poor as well.It's funny n fast-paced with a slow climax but a nice supporting cast including Ajit,Sudhir,Sulakshana Pandit and Bindu who carry it off well enough.This is one of those films where you can see the main characters had a lot of fun while making it and it helps that Mr. Khan and Mr. Khanna were real life buddies.Working together again in Qurbaani'80 and Dayavan'88(both directed by Mr. Khan).Specially loved the two songs that they perform together in this movie.

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Praveen Babi steals the show!, 6 October 2011

Mr. Khan after hunting dakoits as a bounty hunter in some great Curry westerns here plays one himself a long time after his memorable dakoit role in Mela'71.Jeetu is his long lost brother,Rekha his girlfriend and Ajit & Ranjeet his enemies.But the one who walks away with the entire caboose is Praveen Babi.Perhaps one of the most beautiful n flamboyant girls to grace the Hindi film screen.Here she is great as a comical bike-riding bounty huntress who has the funniest n interesting scene's n lines in this otherwise plain oater.It's a somewhat stretched plot line n the movie does drag in "alot" of spaces but still not a bad way to kill an afternoon.The best line though belongs to Ranjeet Saab. "Kehten hain ma Key Peron tale jannat ho ti hai!" "Jannat to nahin humein 'time-bomb' mi la so humne laga diya' Hahahahahahahah!That line alone was worth the 28 rupees I paid for the VCD.

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Curry western that predates "Sholay"!, 5 October 2011

Sholay was released in 1975 while Khhotey Sikkey came out in '74.And they share similar plot lines.City thugs Ranjeet,Narendra Nath,Sudhir,Danny and Dharmendra's cousin(I can't recall his name)with golden hearts and good intentions move to a village terrorized by vicious Daku Jhanga (Ajit turning in a particularly nasty performance)to help out their village bumpkin friend,Paintal.Their fight against Jhanga and his gang is what the film is all about.Hence the similarity to Sholay.But this film has a difference.And it's called The Man! The Man himself Mr. Feroz Khan,the undisputed king of Curry Westerns.Here he finally gets to play out a full fledged Indian interpretation of Mr. Clint Eastwood's character from Sergio Leone's Dollar Trilogy.He's a nameless,smooth talking,no-nonsense gunfighter clad in a black poncho out for revenge against Jhanga.Quite a few elements are "borrowed" from For A Few Dollars More(1965).Mr. Khan's theme,the pocket watch motive and the settling of accounts in the village circle are all here but they are Indianized and that's where this film scores. Also it's full of humour with all the five city thugs(who usually played villains)adjusting to the village life n' customs creating some hilarious situations.All in all one of the best Curry Western's ever made and it predates Sholay!

Kaala Sona (1975)
Mr. Khan is the Man!, 4 October 2011

After Sholay's success a lot of Curry Westerns were made.And Mr. Feroz Khan was the UNDISPUTED king of them.He was definitely inspired by Mr. Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollar Trilogy but he gave it his own touch.And hats off to Khan Saab for that. In Kaala Sona he's millionaire Rakesh who leaves the city life to hunt his father's killer Dacoit Poppi Singh(Prem Chopra)in the hills beyond No Man's Land(a sign showing this actually appears in the film,nice touch).Along the way he is helped by Shera(Danny),dressed like a native Indian and Durga(Praveen Babbi),looking very sexy. Shootouts,fistfights,double-crosses,only 4 songs and rapid fire editing make this a very fast and entertaining movie.It's a no nonsense show all the way and no time is wasted on any "faltu" senti scenes.Something exciting happens every 5 minutes. That's the kind of films I like!

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