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Signs (2002)
Interpretation of SIGNS
23 April 2003
One of the things that I think that most people miss in this movie is that the Aliens arent evil. Its all about the way we interpretate the signs. At no time we see the aliens make something evil. They make crop circles and hover over cities but if you think about it in a rational manner then this is more a sign of trying to communicate rather than of hostile intentions. If the aliens in fact were hostile dont you think that they would have brought some weapons to kills us primitive people? You have to remember if they have the technology to travel to earth from a distant planet they would be 1000 times superior to us. Resistance would be futile, as they say :)

It obvious to me that the message in the movie is that we humans project our fears into the unknown. We let our fear dictate how we interpretate signs. In the movie Mel Gibson is convinced that the aliens are evil and therefore he never see the signs in a rational manner. As a last resort he picks up on his believ in his mythical religion when he thinks that it can save his own ass. Ironically he regains his faith by killing the alien that saves his own child.

If you are one of those people who thought the aliens were evil I suggest you see the movie again.
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Cube (1997)
Cube, it has begun!
14 April 2003
First of all Cube is a movie for people who like a bit of thinking. Its open to your own personal interpretation.

I see the Cube as a symbol of what happens when people stop asking question. If humans just follow traditions and habits without seriously consider what the essential is for each individual we will see that we will build a world where we get caugt up in all sorts of norms that has nothing to do with the world that we would like to see.

The construction of the real Cube has already begun! If you dont believe me just take a look at your own life. We used to work in able to survive, now we have created a world where work is the meaning. It has become a norm that you have to work 5/6 days a week so that you can get all sorts of status symbols to impress your friends that do the same. Its a trap that we dont see but it is diverting us from what is essential in life. Love, compasion, time, mental development etc. We dont even have time to raise our own kids. We choose to pay money to institutions so they can raise our kids. Yeah, we have to remember that we do not have enough time to raise our own kids because we have to work. When our parents get old we also send them away as we havent got time for them aswell. Finally, when we ask ourselfes...what do I live for we see that we havent got any time to live. Its all work and living. The Cube has begun! You are constructing it every day my friend. Its your life so remember to construct it so you will feel happy living in it.
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