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The title says it all! Enough said folks. ;)

NOTE: This list also includes Pixar movies.
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This list only includes hand-drawn animation.

(By the way, this is a reboot of my old "Top 40 Non-Disney" list that I did a long time ago, with some different movies added in there)
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Another "underrated" list, this time includes TV shows.
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Title says it all...
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This is only an opinion-based list, and therefore NOT meant to be taken seriously!

PS- This list includes the "Toy Story" sequels, in case you're wondering. ;)
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Now including CGI and stop-motion animation.
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From 1980-1989.
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From 1990-1999 (in chronological order).
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This is a short list of my favorite Don Bluth films. :)
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See the "horrors" of my childhood...
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Not in any particular order.
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