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Stopped Watching This Tedium 20 Minutes In, 22 June 2017

My childhood Catechism classes were way more interesting than this dribble. Humans are social. Porn is so old school. Today couples may share their intimate moments with other couples or anyone interested to watch through video uploading and sharing. A loner might record themselves touching themselves and upload it for another loner to watch and touch themselves. This is a strongly social motive. This documentary is a pseudo-documentary, archaic and appalling.

Humans are well, very human. Get over it.

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Fantastic Little Gem of a Movie, 13 January 2017

I expected some comedy, but this was hilarious fun. There is pace and action not dissimilar from Guy Ritchie movies. It reminded me of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on a much lighter tone and probably twice as funny.

I absolutely loved the stylised but down to earth storytelling, and the narrative. I hope the director/writer come up with more stylised comedy like this. It is not filled with gratuitous violence. It is definitely recommended viewing.

I have given it an enthusiastic 9 because I have not laughed so much in a while. It would have still been a 7 if I laughed 50% less!!

Spectral (2016)
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I Am Going With 10 out of 10 Stars!!, 12 December 2016

What an unexpected gem of a sci fi movie. I was worried that there are not enough sci fi movies being made lately. I still am. This one has been a reprieve and a total thirst quencher. Perfect.

***why are so many reviews claiming this to be a bad or average movie?*** I am scratching my head why there is so much acerbic criticism of this movie. Yes it may be adapted from game or books but this movie is quite original. I don't know what people expect when they go to a science fiction movie. If you thought this movie was about war then you might be disappointed that there is no gore and blood splattering. This movie is much more intelligent, fast paced, and actually very engaging. It may have lacked big budget actors and big advertisement budget, however, you can see where the money went. •decent• special effects and a decent production, that lets you just enjoy the story.

I would suggest that you watch this movie without further delay if you are checking the reviews to make up your mind on the title. This is a must watch. I strongly advise you not to watch any trailers or read up on the story line. The surprises in the story are the real gems in the movie.

It is always great when a movie has the possibility to become a sci fi classic. This definitely has the potential and I do hope that more people discover this gem. All the acting are good and the surreal war zone is good and a perfect backdrop. This is not a gory war movie. It stays on topic and develops a powerful narrative as it goes along. So enjoy. Highly recommended. :)

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Oops! What can I say?, 24 November 2016

I kept waiting to engage with either the characters or with one of the beasts. Such an engagement was not forthcoming. I like Eddie Redmayne, so it is nothing to do with him. So much emphasis on creating this alternate world that the basics of filmmaking appear to have been sacrificed. Never does anyone look into you, the screen, and speak. There is never any eye contact. You do not feel attached to Eddie's character. Even my children were squirming in the seats and looking around bored. They wanted food and said they were hungry. The movie therefore appears to fail both children and adults like me. My 12yo son who is a mega Harry Potter fan could not engage with the movie. "I like reading J K Rowling's books but I am not sure about this one" is what he said. What he means is that, after having watched the movie, it has put him off the book as well.

I got up to get food for the kids, they followed me and were more keen on ice creams and sweets rather than getting back to the screen to what happened next. So much for fantastic pointless beasts. If you liked Harry Potter then that is not a guarantee that you will like this one. That is for sure. If you liked The Lord of Rings and sat through the trilogy, then you may have what it takes to sit through this one. Perhaps looking at this as a movie nothing to do with Harry Potter might help. If your children do not get attached to the movie then don't be surprised.

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Wow! Sublime! Perfect! Provocative!, 19 November 2016

I just watched an impressive, thoughtful, provocative, memorable, perfect first episode of the first season.

I was not sure what to expect with the trio's new take on what they love to do the most. Actually it was imaginative and provocative enough to show that these three can come come up with the most watchable car programme on earth.

The cinematography was better than anything I have seen before. Even better than the show they left behind at the 'Baa Baa See'! :)

The picture quality was astounding. Whatever cameras and jigs they have used to film the show are probably the best equipment available. The overall visuals look spectacular and 'grand'. Smooth Amazon Prime streaming in proper HD gets credit for that too. Vibrant colours, smooth camera work and not the shaky vibrating car mounted cameras of yore. - Even in this department, it appears as though BBC has been beaten! Even the sound recording felt better. Now, sound recording is something BBC (Baa Baa See) used to excel in. Now, with an iPlayer that does not appear to play full HD and with a sound that feels compressed, Baa Baa See has unwittingly given these three guys an edge over their own sorry show. The audio playback was really superlative in Amazon Prime for what I was expecting for a streaming playback.

Something dreary like a motoring show becomes so exciting with these three. I was completely expecting a few laugh out loud moments. What was actually there exceeded all expectations. I would expect more fun and more laugh out loud moments. I am totally spoilt. Would imagine that eventually, there will be scenes and episodes that sets new heights and standards. Is this a stunt show? Is this a motoring show? Is this a sitcom? Who knows. It is superlative fun: - That is what it is . I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season, as it looks like each episode may have its own unique flavour, because of the changing locations. Wow! Brilliant!

****Just this one show alone makes my Amazon Prime membership worth it****

I have watched more episodes since this review and wanted to report back. Yes, this show is definitely mega fun and it looks like it has been a game changer for Amazon. I would now expect Amazon to throw even more money at not just Grand Tour, but to other potential programming. One the whole I am extremely pleased with Amazon streaming quality. After this, BBC's old version of Top Gear is probably dead. I still like BBC drama as they are more quintessentially British compared to current content on Amazon. I also think that Amazon should try stuff like Jools Holland doing takes on Songs, as an example. I do hope Amazon makes more strong stuff like this! :) Thanks for reading.

Alcoholist (2016)
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Downward Spiral., 12 November 2016

The lead character renders a real portrayal of a real alcoholic. The acting is good to the point that you are forced to wonder if they got a real alcoholic to act in the movie! The support characters' performances are OK and 'almost' there. There is an overall darkness in the movie without any redeeming qualities. There appears to be an attempt to portray the obsessions, or the hidden darkness, of people with addictions and the people without. But this aspect is not made clear, or explored. I personally had an uncle who was never sober. He died when he was 42 years old from severe liver damage from alcoholism. That said, this movie perhaps tries to be a deterrent to viewers taking up the bottle. I don't see the point. I am not sure if it is effective in that message either. The bottle is taken up, even as this movie acknowledges, as a method of slow suicide. A brokenhearted or suicidal person taking to the bottle has already stopped caring about oneself or others, there is no real message or redemption in the movie. I felt that the movie took something away, my time, my desire to understand, and so on. The movie gave nothing. No entertainment, no real message. It left me depressed and regretting watching the movie. Hence only 4 stars. Just a fair warning.

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Must Watch Entertaining look into Loneliness, Sexual and Social Dysfunction, 16 October 2016

If you either stumble on this movie, or purposefully seek to watch this movie, you will find that this film is memorable. This movie, unfortunately, is more memorable than 10 of the best movies of 2016. I do not wish to unwatch this movie. I found Daniel Radcliffe was hilarious in this movie and Paul Dano did his part disturbingly well.

Although the actors did very well, what it was achieving was strange. It was queasy humour. Lots of laugh our loud moments. Nevertheless, at the end of the movie, it is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Will I recommend this movie? Maybe, if you have come as far as reading this review, then you could as well watch it. Daniel Radcliffe is fantastic. He has done something rather difficult with aplomb. There does not appear to be any message in the movie. Just a peculiar movie that is hard to forget. 7/10 for its weird humour :) Definitely!

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Good Actors but Poorly written, 14 August 2016

It started off promising. The lead role is mostly played well and everything seemed set for a good movie. The feel and the production value was good. However, as the film progressed, it began to fall flat. Despite a good effort from the lead character, the character is not well written. I am not complaining about initial ambiguity, but at the overall way the lead character as well as all the other characters are scripted poorly. None of the characters have any depth and the whole story became 2 dimensional and irritating well into the film. But since my wife and I had invested good part of an hour by then, we continued watching anyway. This turned out to be an error on our part.

The problem is two fold. The viewer is not allowed to connect with either children even though there is every reason to. The viewer is also left hanging at the end of the movie with a very unsatisfactory outcome. I would not recommend it for that reason.

Kung Fury (2015)
Wow! Fantastic Lovable Idiocy Suited For Repeat Watching!!!, 2 August 2016

When you are looking for a party movie that is comical sketch on typical plot lines, free from sex, full of originality and humour.

Look no further, this is it.

It makes Hot Rod seem serious. This is Napoleon Dynamite meet Top Secret(1984) meet Jackie Chan... If you want a vague idiotic reference :)

The fight scenes are hilarious to say the least. The time travel (oops! spoiler) is genius, and that is putting it mildly. It is not exactly a parody movie, yet it constantly reminds you of every, yes every; movie that you have ever seen.

This is such fun!

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Shaky Camera-work But an Excellent Sequel, 2 August 2016

I would have given this movie 10 out of 10 if it was not for the shaky camera. It came close to being unwatchable on some occasions.

Why such big budget movies are employing cameramen who are high on coffee and doughnuts are beyond me. The jittery camera is just awful. It takes the focus away from the story, and from the action. The idea that home-made footage gives intimacy or authenticity is far from true. I have many footages from my phone that me and my kids have shot. They all mean a lot to me but they are, honestly, totally unwatchable. Even to me! So when I pay my money to watch a Jason Bourne movie, I expect not to be given a headache in return. Each instalment appears to get worse in this regard. Please can someone in the production team for the next Jason Bourne film hire some gimball, or whatever stabilisation equipment?

Now that the rant is over, I actually felt that the story was carried forward quite well. It is an expected storyline but done well. I enjoyed the part played by all the actors. Despite some other reviewers, I quite like the complex genius portrayed by Vikander. She lends herself to the role well.

The stunt scenes are not a cliché like many other films. It stays true to Jason Bourne style. Very much so. The stunt scenes are gritty and yet spectacular and memorable. It is quite remarkable that Jason Bourne series have even managed to create a 'style' that is easily recognisable as the Jason Bourne 'brand'. Even other big brand movies like James Bond, have struggled to create a unique, recognisable style to their stunts. Less camera shake would have rendered some parts sublime and supremely entertaining. It is possible that the director thought this camera shake is part of the brand. I would disagree. There is an immensely identifiable style that is very 'Jason Bourne' without all the jittery shaking.

I love the colour tonality, the intimate feel of scenes, the pace and quickness, the expectation of movement each shot appears to carry, the view or the angle the camera takes, etc. etc. ...well too many to list. Then the sound, both the background, and the music.

The film gently touches a critical current political issues. Very lightly. This is nice. It is not bogged down by anything. It does not offer solutions, just shows it as a clever and purposeful backdrop to the story of this instalment.

So I recommend this film with a caveat that if the shaky camera gives you a headache, make sure that the cinema offers you a free aspirin on the house. Thanks for reading.

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