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Technically accomplished. Drains you though!, 7 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a technically accomplished film. The camera is superb. Everyone's acting is well accomplished. The acting has a "pantomime style" touch to it. I think this is on purpose. I think the director likes to give a surreal, not believable type, character roles and dialogues.

Pitt performs with consummate ease.

The best developed character is Brad Pitt who plays a sociopath who believes in abject capitalism at the cost of community and cohesiveness. The capitalist wants "order" at the cost of togetherness, kindness and softness. At least this is what I gather the movie was trying to say. Knowing that Pitt and Jolie are strong Democrat and Obama supporters. The second best character is the middleman played by Richard Jenkins. He makes us aware that if you worship capitalism then you don't question the ones already high up the pyramidal food chain. There are more powerful forces even hit men don't dare question. The third best character is the one by Ray Liotta. Seasoned mobster who is blasé. The fourth best developed character is an ageing hit-man called Mickey.

But there is a problem. The film relies too much on cinematography, style, and tricks to keep you watching, than the story itself. The story is never the focus. Rather the caricature of artists performing this parody pantomime is the focus. But it is refreshing to a small degree, not enough to make you feel that you watched a great movie. Maybe it is because the movie works if what the film wanted to achieve was to make me very cynical, and bored, and disparaged.

My opinion is that it fails despite its cleverness. But it is worth watching if you don't mind casual viewing. Perhaps when you can have a friend over and distract yourself away from "interesting-boring" bits, such as a slow motion bullet!! I don't know what they were thinking. **************What happens to companies that pay their employees too much? They create wealthy citizens who spend that money into the economy but the company that employs them goes bust because it is less profitable than a company that does not pay its employees well!! So the wealthy employees become poor because now they don't have a job, or work for less for the more profitable company. But this "profitable" company will find it harder as years go by to sell their goods because the society is filled with people with poor income because they don't pay their employees well. So this company goes bust as well. Mobs are pure capitalist structures. I like democratic capitalism as long as as it is based on relationships, kindness and societal cohesiveness and not just business.****************maybe I read too much into what the film makers were trying to say. Thanks for reading.

Erased (2012)
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Unexpectedly Excellent!, 10 October 2012

The Expatriate deserves 9 out of 10 in my opinion. I reluctantly started to watch the film. The first 5 to 10 minutes went by not knowing what to expect. Aaron Eckhart in the lead role. Aaron Eckhart in the Executive Producer list as well. Again, I was not sure where this was going. Soon the story came together. I really started to enjoy this. I think the budget is well spent and well planned. The story digresses only enough to make you connect with the characters better. This is very clever. I realised all this at the end of the film. I guess they should even make a sequel. I guess this kind of subject matter; namely, espionage, money yada yada, have endless story possibilities for countless number of movies to come.. The pace of this movie is just right. The coherence, story line all connect well keeping you focused on the film. Fantastic entertainment.

Inhale (2010)
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Good movie, 16 August 2010

The movie is generally good. I don't know why some reviewers have focused on the incredulity of the story. I think this movie makes a good rental. It is a bit of a hard viewing, not just because of some violence or sex but because of the overall subject matter itself. I thought that the director kept the focus on the story.

When I checked for the reviews I was surprised that it did not have very many reviews. I think the producers and director should be given some positive feedback because this movie did appear to deliver as a movie.

There are some intensely annoying loose ends. So ignore the first ten minutes. If it was not for this I would have given this movie 7 or even 8. Since the story was not cleaned up in the beginning it gets only 6 out of 10.

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An excellent surprise! What a great movie., 14 July 2010

Well what can I say? Surprised me in all levels. To start with, technically this movie is great. Perfectly transparent cinematographic style that does not distract. I watched it in 1080p HD and that was great too. Then there is the story telling. I believe all good movie whether it is Batman or the Godfather is all about story telling. This movie tells a very true story and an unexaggerated story too. Never does it seem overly Hollywood. Being from UK and knowing nothing about "Football" as Americans wrongly like to call it, I still throughly enjoyed it. For that reason I recommend this movie to anyone and it is well worth the time. Reminded me of the movie In Pursuit of Happiness. In some ways this movie is much better. One thing I noticed as I was about to write this review is no one mentioned the sister's role (Collins) in this movie. I thought she was fantastic. Hardly did she have any thing much to say, but she communicated volumes though her expressions, body language etc. I am sure she has been spotted by other film makers. Sandra Bullock is a blond Republican. Exciting as that may be for some, I really was warmed by her role. Judging from the photos of the real Mrs Tuohy I think Sandra Bullock needed to bring her best screen presence forward to portray an overtly strong real-life character. The kid is another great performer. The main character Mike played by Aaron carries the story perfectly well resulting in a memorable movie experience. Even the role played by Kathy Bates blends in well. Good to watch with family.

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A bit lame, 8 July 2010

I am forced to compare this against other love stories and conclude that this one is rather lame indeed. When reading the Twilight saga books I guess it is way better. In the books it can be seen as about being positive and hopeful. But the movie builds an elaborate "castle of cards" which collapse towards the end of the movie. If the first half hour did not bore you, then the ending is guaranteed to. I refuse to believe that teenagers are so mindless. I have more faith in teenagers and young humans than this movie would make me believe. This was a brilliant chance to make a superb movie and now that chance is lost. Thank you for reading.