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Applause (2009)
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This film got my applause!, 12 January 2011

Having seen a number of leading female bravura performances this past year, I thought I had sealed shut my choices for best actress. I then had the pleasure of seeing the independent Danish film, 'Applause,' and Steen, without hesitation, became my favorite performance of the year (even vis-a-vis Portman as the fragile yet delusional Nina in 'Black Swan').

Although, on its face, the storyline may come across as another hackneyed portrayal of a melodramatic woman coping with alcoholism, Steen's performance brings forth such a raw and entrancing glimpse into the mind of Thea that you can't help but also feel her frustration and helplessness. Nevertheless, even though you see Thea at her lowest, you can still sense some maternal substance in her, which offers levity to an otherwise bleak ending.

An absolute tour de force performance that is a must-see!

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Sigh at "The Other Guys", 26 August 2010

Wow...this movie was absolutely, completely, and utterly TERRIBLE! And yes, I did in fact fall asleep mid-cinema, which is a rarity for me.

What a disappointment that such an engaging trailer would amount to "semi-chuckle...droopy eyes...slumber" on the big screen. I genuinely thought that Wahlberg and Ferrell as the leading duo would have me rolling in laughter, but instead, I was rolled up in a ball in my seat snoozing away. Ferrell's character was a strange hybrid of slapstick and dry humor that left you sitting in utter boredom. As for Wahlberg, who I generally find unassumingly funny, his character's display of funny was over-rehearsed and fell totally flat. As for the plot, it went, well, nowhere.

My recommendation - your $10 is better spent elsewhere.

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And yet another masterpiece for Pixar!, 21 July 2010

I cannot give Toy Story 3 any rating below 10 - amazing! It is not often these days when I leave the theater touched and eager to see a film again, an animated film no less. However, Woody and the gang delivered yet again.

Although a film suitable for the tots, I was completely enthralled. The plot was suspenseful and exciting to the very end, especially the climax where even my teenage brother got teared up. Not to mention, the comedy had great timing, and some comedic moments, while obviously appropriate for young children, could be taken as having a more adult sentiment without going too far - the film did a fantastic job at reaching all audiences.

As this film rounds out the Toy Story trilogy, it definitely offers a few glimpses into the past, while simultaneously giving a fresh, new spin on the storyline.

A must-see!