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2 September 2004
This was said to be John Denver's last film. As I watched it, I couldn't help but feel sadness over that aspect. I thought this was a wonderful family film with John Denver playing a role I had longed wanted to see him in. A pioneer. A man blazing a wild mountain trail in a covered wagon. Being in the Rockies, with native Americans, bears, eagles, wolves, and mountain men. The story was very well told. The actors all played their roles to perfection. I love these kind of stories. Whenever they are made on modern film, we are able to re-live the past with these stories. I remember seeing James Reed in the mini-series North and South. I liked him as the Union soldier. He was great in this as well. The boys who played John Denver's sons looked familiar, but I couldn't place them in other projects. Entertainment Tonight highlighted the story about this final film. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. When it was shown on cable, my sister taped it for me to see. All in all, this film will be forever treasured by true-blue John Denver fans. And we all wish, more than anything, that he was still around to give us more of the same. Ten plus in my book.
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Silverado (1985)
The West Is Fun
3 July 2004
I first saw this on television, wishing I had gone to see it at the movies. But I didn't know who Kevin Costner was then. I didn't know who Danny Glover, Scott Glenn, or Kevin Kline was, either. But when I first saw this movie, my eye was on just Kevin Costner. I thought he played a goofy roll, but there was just something about it that clicked with me. I am a western movie fan a hundred percent. I love the wild west. Silverado was the perfect example of the west. It has beautiful scenery, a great cast, four men who believe in truth, justice, and the American cowboy way. My favorite part is when Kevin Costner kicks in the saloon doors and comes out to kill two at once. Sensational! The only problem I have with this movie is that there isn't enough of Kevin Costner in it. I was left wanting more, more, and even more. He has an adorable laugh too. linda Hunt as the little saloon keeper was great. John Cleese as the sheriff was humurous. Everybody did their parts to perfection. This is truly a 10 plus movie. We need more westerns made in the movie making business. Silverado proudly can sit amongst Dances With Wolves, Open Range, True Grit, How The West Was Won, Wyatt Earp, Cheyenne Autumn, and the list goes on.
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Open Range (2003)
How The West Was Gun
23 May 2004
Unbelievably true to the genre, the time period, and how the west was. This is a great tale of literally, how the west was gun. The scenery is magnificent. Kevin Costner is the best director of his time. He knows how to deliver a good story. The gunfight is awesome. It's like actually being there amidst the fray. Outstanding. This is a 10 plus no less. Robert Duvall, Annette Benning, and the entire cast are outstanding. The love story is a nice additional touch to an already perfect story. I did not read the book it was based on, but I bet it's even better than the book. Ignore anybody who puts this masterpiece down. They don't know great cinema when they see it. I truly wish it would have been honored at the Oscars, but it's typical of them to ignore such a grand piece of cinema. What a shame. Anybody that doesn't enjoy this film simply doesn't appreciate good movies. Be sure to rent this or buy this on DVD or video. It's well worth your time.
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Higher Ground (1988 TV Movie)
Very Entertaining
20 February 2004
I saw this movie on tv when it came out. I taped it and have enjoyed watching it several times. John Denver is my favorite singer. I know he no longer graces our world, but there will never be anyone else who can compare to him. He was the greatest in his field today, yesterday, and forever. Higher Ground is one of his best endeavors.
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Tin Cup (1996)
Four Score And We Want More
27 October 2003
Would love, love, love to see a sequel done to this movie. It's fun even if you don't know how to play golf (and I don't). The soundtrack to this movie is really good. Especially love that song, "Big Stick" and "Nobody There But Me". Do wish there wasn't the foul language, though. I think it's a 10 plus with a little draw!
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Silverado (1985)
Golden *Silverado*
20 October 2003
Technically, this was the first movie I saw with Kevin Costner in it. I watched it on tv one night and I thought the character of Jake (Costner) was so cute but a wild and crazy guy. It was a good western, but needed much, much more of Kevin Costner in it. Not enough for my taste. The story is good, the scenery beautiful, the dialog fun. It's a 10 stars out of 10. If you love a good western, you gotta love this one. And I do.
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Fandango (1985)
Fun Fandango
15 October 2003
This movie is just plain fun. It rocks with great music, funny scenes, and sinfully gorgeous Kevin Costner. He is a dream. I love the way he delivers in this movie. I've watched it over and over and still enjoy it each time. 10**************out of 10***************!
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Awesome Old West Tale
4 October 2003
This is to inform Matthew of NJ and others who continually bash this masterpiece that Dances With Wolves covered sacred ground. The western had long been forgotten in the movie kingdom. Kevin Costner single handedly brought it back---and brought it to life with flare, style, perfection, and beauty. He won Best Director in his first attempt at directing. That says it all. His vision into the past is like opening a book and reading the tale just as it was transcribed from one human to another. Imagine how Kevin must've felt riding horses amidst real buffalo, real Native American Indians, upon the open plains just as it was done 100 years ago. Put yourself in his boots. I guarantee you'd feel the exact same way he felt while making it, and the exact way I feel every time I watch it. There are none better, and nothing else can compare to Dances With Wolves. It deserved all 12 Oscars.
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Open Range (2003)
Old West Masterpiece
3 September 2003
OPEN RANGE is like a fine piece of artwork on canvas that literally comes alive on screen. The cinematography is spectacular. The acting is finely crafted and moving. The story is so real and believable. The gunfight is awesome. While Robert Duvall is getting the most compliments and attention, Kevin Costner deliberately takes a back seat to Duvall. His character warrants that action. He's an employee. I think Kevin Costner is quietly superb in this role. His directing is right on target. In short, OPEN RANGE is an old west masterpiece that can proudly sit upon a shelf alongside other westerns made in yester years. It is a definate a 10.
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Open Range (2003)
He Knows How To Do 'Em
16 August 2003
I think in a lot of ways, Kevin Costner reminds me of Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart. He's a man who can take a role and put his brand on it. He can do the western proud. Silverado, Wyatt Earp, Dances With Wolves...I hope they're many, many more in his future. OPEN RANGE is beautiful.
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