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Airline Disaster (2010) (V)
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The stupidest airplane movie ever seen..., 3 July 2010

I just cannot believe how such 'bad' movie can actually be made these days. All the 'aviation' related material is simple a joke. Everything is wrong I cannot even know where to start from. The graphics of the airplane are horrible.

Example? How can 'cargo' be untied in the cargo compartment in a plane? Both pilot 'sticks' move independently... and sideways too!!! For such a 'modern' aircraft, the interior is of an old aircraft... (lack of taste here)... Since when the Autopilot Control Box is in the cargo compartment and exposed.... I don't understand 'how' these kind of movies actually are permitted to go out... Bad acting (cheap actors), bad script, bad direction... How can it be possible. Gheee... Not even kids will swallow it... Bad Movie overall