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If I hosted the Razzies, these are the films that I'd give WORST PICTURE to.
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These are the films that deserve a spot in the IMDb Top 250. Is it important? Hell no, its just my opinion.
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Back in 1975, Jaws blew the pants off worldwide cinema, grossing nearly 500 million dollars (at the time, the highest grossing film ever made) and was nominated for several Academy Awards, including BEST PICTURE. As result, it inspired people...very uninspiringly.

While most of these are bad, some of them are extremely enjoyable. While others...

NOTE: Just because it has killer sharks in it does NOT make it a Jaws rip-off. Some of these movies dont even have sharks in them! What makes it a rip-off are the clearly inspired plot points and writing. And also notice how many of these were released in the trail of Jaws, from 76 to 79.
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Ok, I am NOT a comic book guy. The only comic book heroes I have ever gotten into are the Teen Titans. I like the comics, I the Cartoon Network show is one of my favorites. On my other websites, people have been asking me who I would cast. Well, here you go.

NOTE: The actors in this selection arent really that good. Most of them flat out suck balls (except the 7-11, the rock). But I chose them because of how they look.
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Yep, you want it, you got it. Thanks FG.
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Scary, horrifying, bloody, gruesome. Want some? You got it. If you havent seen these films, then your not true horror fan.

PS these films are not in any paticular order.
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Males only.

Runner-ups: Steve McQueen, Tom Sizemore, Matt Dilon, Bruce Dern, Kevin Bacon, Michael J Fox, Mickey Rooney, Keith Davis, and Maximillian Schell.
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If they made a film based off the CP football staff, this is what it'd be.
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We all know that there will be a prequel to The Thing in October. Lets say...5 years later, they decided to make a remake of the 1982 film, and they hired me as the casting agent.

Though, I'm not saying I want it too happen, I'm just doing this for pure fun. Don't be an @$$hole and take it the wrong way.
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Want films that screw with your brain, creep you the hell out, and are just flat out wierd? CHECK HERE!

Any more I missed? Tell me!
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Good actors/actresses that have played in bad movies.
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Here's my list of my personal favorite films. Enjoy!
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Pretty much all the actors who have an awesome voice. IN NO ORDER!!!
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These are the films I REALLY want to see. p.s. is anticipated spelled wrong?
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I love Nickelodeon...or at least I USED to. Nick has made SEVERAL SEVERAL horrible shows in it's lifetime. They havent made a good show since Invader ZIM, and all of the good shows that still run are getting ruined.

You wanna rip me a new one? Go right ahead. I have, like, 12.
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I have been a Nickelodeon ffan for a long time. So, heres my list of The Best of Nickelodeon. I probably forgot a few, so feel free to tell me which ones I missed.
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These are just the films that I liked more than the general audience.
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These are the movies I consider to be the worst.
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These are, in my opinion, the best musical scores ever. Yah, there are alot of John Williams on here.

NOTE: This list is under constant construction. There are SEVERAL great scores I completly missed.
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Whether people dont know about them, people are to critical towards them, or...both, these are some movies that are underrated.
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I am a movie guy. These are the movies that I saw in theaters that were SO bad, I beat myself everyday to get rid of the awful memories of sitting in theater watching nonesence. Heres my list.