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Wild Seed (1965)
A Different Kind Of Love Story
10 April 2015
Two kids on the run, a twenty-year-old boy and a seventeen-year-old girl are running away. They meet on the road and at first, the girl is very reluctant to travel with him. But, after a while, she changes her mind. She's on her way to LA while he tells her he's on his way to San Diego. They travel together with him protecting her against tramps, railroad cops, state and county cops, and everyone else in general. As they travel, they begin to fall in love. Will their love continue to grow? Regardless, will they make it to their destinations? Or, will something prevent them from making it? This is an excellent movie and I wish Universal would put it on video.

I call this an "artsy" film because of the type of outdoor photography used throughout this film.
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Mary Tyler Moore (1970–1977)
I Was Never Disappointed
21 May 2014
Okay, I'm a guy and I was in the 9th grade in the fall of 1970 when this show came out. I wasn't interested in it because it was geared toward women ages, 30-45 (or so I thought). By the mid-1970s, when I was studying business in college, and bored to death with homework, I'd channel-surf looking for something to watch on TV. Occasionally, Ms. Moore's show would be on, and with nothing else on TV to watch, I'd tune in. And you know what? I was never disappointed. Not once. Later, when "Rhoda," and "Lou Grant," were spun off, I watched those shows, too. Again, I was never disappointed. These shows were great and I wish we had the same kind of shows now. I'm so sick with modern-day TV, I had my cable disconnected a few years back and I only watch these kinds of shows. Thank you Ms. Moore, Ms. Harper, Ms. White, Mr. Asner, Mr. McLeod, and the late, great, Mr. Knight for some of the greatest shows in the history of TV, and R.I.P. to Mr. Knight. You get 10/10 from me.
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A Small Town Is Seemingly Being Taken Over By Imposters.
31 December 2011
Is a small town being taken over by imposters? That's what various people begin to believe. When they reveal their fears to Dr. Miles Bennell, he is skeptical at first. Then, over the next few days, he begins to run into old friends and realizes they, too, are acting differently. The questions are, why are they acting differently? And, can Dr. Bennell convince the authorities that something sinister really is going on in Santa Mira, CA? Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, King Donovan and Carolyn Jones are an excellent cast in an excellent little story of "What's going on in my little hometown?" I have the novel based upon the Collier's Magazine serial written by Jack Finney, and I can honestly tell you there really is nothing about anti-communism, anti-(Senator) McCarthyism, etc., in this film. It's just a neat little sci-fi/horror film that works best on a Saturday night with the lights turned down low, during a full-blown thunderstorm. Right now, Jan. 1, 2012, 1:18 AM, I'm watching it during a Midwestern blizzard (I live about 45 miles NE of Indy.) with the house shuddering with the wind gusts. BR-R-R!
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A Howling in the Woods (1971 TV Movie)
Great TV Movie
21 July 2010
After Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman's success in "I Dream Of Genie," they wanted to work in dramatic films and TV. Well, they exceeded beyond their wildest dreams and expectations in this film. A little girl was murdered and the local hotel owner (Eden's father) has suddenly left town. Her soon-to-be ex-husband (Hagman), arrives, angering Eden. However, after a hostile reception from the townspeople, she's glad to have him along. As they piece the clues together, they mystery comes to a harrowing conclusion. Do yourself a favor: If this film is ever broadcast in your area, watch it. Or better yet, set your VCR or DVD player to record, and record this wonderful film. I did. And, I occasionally take it off of the shelf, duct it off, and play it. The only question I have is, what is that wonderful piano music that John Rubenstein is playing throughout the film? If anyone knows, my email is Thanks.
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