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Couldn't stop laughing..., 1 July 2010

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I came across it by accident and oh my god am I glad I did... I haven't laughed so much in a long time, perhaps it is because the story line is so lame.... but I love all 4 of them and they just crack me up...who cares the lines are not original..they are still is not suppose to be a classic, it is entertainment and god was I entertained :-) recommended it to all my girl friends...:-) I love Jane in Fraser and I am glad she is not depicting the same character...the eyebrow is hilarious how she is obsessed with it...and Betty White is so herself...and Wendy is glam as always, the role really suits her, Melany is a bit naive for giving up Paris for Cleveland and trade off french men for the younger plumbers in the town, but hey who hasn't done a crazy thing or two in their life...good on her.