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A very pasolinian debut like director by Bernardo Bertolucci, 13 April 2003

Bertolucci, at one time production assistant of "Accattone" (1961), here makes use of a Pasolini story and does it with that style will be characteristic of this director works. "La commare secca" is simply the death, the death who visits a roman prostitute using the violence of the emargination and disperation. The reconstruction of the facts, through probably inspector voice that interrogates the witnesses, is based on flashback and shows us some people on the border of that time society. Everyone is suspected but only one saw the killer. Very interesting debut by Bernardo Bertolucci, who is able to recreate the right atmosphere e make playing no professional actors letting express their spontaneity and simplicity.

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A genial experiment by a genial filmmaker, 11 April 2003

"Dilinger è morto" is an artistic performance,it represents the beginning of Ferreri abstract cinema, in everything personal. The everyone spirit voyeuristic here is more stimulated and the spectator is carried away with the actions of Glauco, the chief character. At the home beginning from his job of industrial designer, he finds only loneliness and boredom; infact his wife stuffes herself sleeping tablet; the maid, in her bedroom, dreams with eyes wide her italian folk singer idol; the dinner is on the table and it is cold maybe like Glauco's mood. But this time he reacts and decides to cook something of good and while is looking for necessary ingredients he finds a gun wrapped up a page of news paper dated 23 july of 1934, and bringing the killing of american gangster Dilinger news. This is the beginning of the end, or rather, of the end of this life. Ferreri is excellent in his cynic narrativity and he is able to make us laughing of the more tragic events.