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Amazing and uplifting documentary!, 26 June 2010

Saw this at a festival in LA this year and really enjoyed it.

It follows a group of grandmothers as they travel the world and seek spiritual wisdom and preservation of traditions, nature, etc.

There is a really powerful scene in the film where the Grandmothers meet the Dali Llama. As they talk, he radiates life and not only brings wisdom to the conversation, but laughter as well!

Also, there is a scene where an indigenous tribe prepares a medicine made of special leaves that is transformative in healing and in spiritual enlightenment (through some kind of hallucination). Brought up good questions as to cultural relativity and whether we as westerners can judge the practices of other low-tech cultures when they do get results.

Visuals are beautiful, and the story is rich. I was left wanting more. Maybe there will be a sequel. Definitely need more movies like this in the world that don't rely on guns, sex, and car crashes to make an impact.

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Loved it!, 26 June 2010

Saw the first and wanted to follow the story.

If, for anything, the Radiohead montage through the forest!!!

There was a little too much brooding, but I guess when its cold and rainy all the time and you have vampire fights at your school, its understandable how you would be a little bit emo.

Also, the shirtless hot wolf guys make it worth watching, lol!!

Looking forward to the 3rd one, in theaters next week!

Hopfully there will be some people dressed up. That is always entertaining.



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A decent remake of the story, 26 June 2010

I was a huge fan of the original Karate Kid and with the magic surrounding it as the first I had seen such a story, I knew it would be difficult to top.

I was not disappointed. I think Jadan is very talented and super cute. The setting made it interesting and was symbolic since China is going to be our biggest competitor.

My favorite line was 'There is a big difference between being still, and doing nothing'

Did anyone else think it was odd that the repairman (Chan) made the environmental reference with the shower and hot water? As if China is big on conservation as a country? It is going to be the worlds biggest polluter by far!!