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The worst film I've ever seen
7 February 2005
I was wondering what possessed the organizers of the Victoria Film Festival to include this film in their program. I guess they must have agreed with the others who have reviewed this film. I, on the other hand, consider it the worst film I have ever seen. It starts with a bad script, full of holes, and dialog so unlikely it's embarrassing. Ideas are introduced, then dropped with no development. The acting left me totally cold and uninvolved. The set decoration was appropriate for the time, but a decorator's nightmare. The only way the characters could love this house is if their previous homes had been ghastly. The attic looked as if the items had been thrown in for the scene with no attempt to create the look of a real attic that has been filling with junk over the years. The photography was leaden and lacking in variety. Save your money for something worthwhile.
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additional filming locations
6 February 2005
There's a story in the Victoria Times Colonist Feb. 5, 2005, about cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs. In the interview, he talks about the minuscule budget for the film Five Easy Pieces. He says they decided to film the famous "chicken salad sandwich" scene on the spot when they stopped at a Denny's outside Eugene, Oregon but much of the film was shot here on Vancouver Island, in Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula: Beacon Hill Park, the Dallas Road waterfront, Saanich Inlet, the Cormie estate in Central Saanich, the Mill Bay ferry, etc. I don't know if any of the film was shot in the City of Vancouver but a lot of it was shot on Vancouver Island. There are many interesting comments in the newspaper story on some of Kovacs' other fine films, like Easy Rider and Paper Moon.
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