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Still working on it.
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Some people just have really terrible imdb profile pictures. Don't judge them based on that.
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Unlike most people, I think Ben Affleck will do a great job as the caped crusader. After the internet's cries and anger it got me thinking who I might have picked to play Batman/Bruce Wayne if I were casting the new movie.
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I've visited Greendale on Stages 31 and 32 at Paramount Studios at least a dozen times. Plus met a few other people...
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Why do people obsess over these actors looks? Some of these people I would consider ugly.
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We all know that the characters of this brilliant show are virtually irreplaceable, but if the creators had to have picked different actors to be in it who would they have picked? These are my choices...
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I used to live in Los Angeles and, yes, I often saw famous actors walking around. I'm not counting when I went to Comic Con because that would be too many to list. You may notice the whole cast of Arrested Development and Glee is on here. I went to a few premiers and was an extra on the set of Glee.
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I don't like these people.
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Some of these people are just not getting enough attention and some of them are unfairly looked down upon. All of these people should be getting their own films and starring in Hollywood blockbusters all the time.
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This is a list of some of my favorite people ever. It's actually well thought through.
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No particular order...
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just kidding ;)

Actually I really don't have anything against these actors. I just know lots of people don't like them for some reason.
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What other actors could have been The Avengers?
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There was a time I was a huge fan of some of these actors, but frankly, I'm getting tired of seeing them all the time now.
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No particular oder...
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When did they get old?
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You may think that I'm choosing these actors because I have seen them as a child and can see their child face today. I think it's because when they cast a kid in a movie a big deciding factor as to how they choose them is based on how cute they are. Okay... Maybe it IS because I have seen most of them when they were a child.
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I'm excluding Lord of the Rings...