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One of the best Christmas specials ever!, 30 November 2010

This is a great Christmas special. It is a classic that will be cherished for life. I've never talked to anybody who doesn't like this Christmas special. It's over forty years old and still loved by several individuals, that should say something about this yearly Christmas special and how great it is. I remember watching this special every December on CBS as a child and it was one of my favorite childhood memories. A Charlie Brown Christmas is great not just because it has lovable characters, but also because of the morals it has. Anyone could learn a thing or two from watching this special. If you've never seen this special, see it the next opportunity you get, you won't be disappointed.

Gives television a bad name, 17 July 2010

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How can this junk appeal to so many individuals? It's so fake and stupid, it isn't funny. I mean who cares about individuals making up problems, then getting into fake fights, and cussing a lot? Shame on Jerry for allowing individuals to come on his television program and make up problems. It isn't entertaining, it's pitiful. How this show can have the same format for so many years and still be on the air to this day is beyond me. I'm sure a good number of individuals could care less about a storyline around a man saying to his wife/girlfriend, "Honey, I slept with the babysitter." This show gives television a bad name and it isn't hard to see why. I gave the show 2 stars because I will give it one thing, it does have a few pretty guests here and there. But other than that, this show is plain garbage.

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The one night of the year where every championship is up for grabs, 26 June 2010

This was an excellent PPV. WWE did a solid job with the matches. The pairing of Chris Jericho & Big Show as tag team champions was a great idea. Think about it, two veteran wrestlers running the tag team division, to refresh the tag team division and get people interested in tag team competition. Also, the addition of Jeff Hardy as World Heavyweight Champion was a nice way to elevate Hardy. WWE also made some excellent choices in choosing two sexy vixens to hold the Women's title and Diva's title, with Michelle McCool and Mickie James. If you want to see action-packed competition, and caliber championship matches, then be sure to check this out on DVD and be sure to see the following Night of Champions for this year in September. You won't be disappointed.

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Excellent series, 26 June 2010

Here is an example of an excellent television program. This show is a show that can be enjoyed by all without nonsense about sex, drugs, and violence. It's also way funnier than the some of the shows we have on television today. It's a shame that this wonderful program cannot be found in syndication these days. This show also had some great characters even beyond the title characters such as Lenny, Squiggy, Big Rosie Greenbaum, and more. In my eyes, Laverne & Shirley is a classic that will never die and that will be cherished for years to come. If the opportunity ever comes along for you to see this great television show, don't let it pass you by. See Laverne & Shirley if you haven't, you'll be glad you did.

A show the whole family can enjoy, 21 June 2010

Family Matters is quality television that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It's funny, warm, and can be appreciated by all. This is a show where you can laugh and learn important lessons about life and not have jokes about sex, drugs, and violence. It's just so shameful that shows like this are very scarce these days. Another nice thing about this show is that it's able to be a good wholesome programming without being sappy or annoying like other shows, e.g. (Full House). The glue that really held this show together was Steve Urkel. Urkel is one of the most beloved television characters of the 1990's. Urkel is truly one of the funniest television characters in television history. Family Matters is a show that can be loved and treasured by all. However, I will admit that in the later seasons the show went downhill, becoming more like a science fiction show.

"Friends" (1994)
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This show sucks, 21 June 2010

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Friends is one of the worst television shows I have seen in my entire life. Heck this show even has a history for vulgar jokes. I mean there was once an episode where Chandler accidentally walked in on Rachel in the shower and saw her breasts. Rachel acted like a little kid and decided to see his unmentionables as retribution. Where is the humor in that? Another time I think it was Ross and a girl talking about protection, and all of a sudden Ross starts mentioning something about bears. What the heck was that all about? Then another time at Thanksgiving the gang played a game of football and it had serious implications regarding the Thanksgiving turkey. These are just some of the reasons why this show sucks.

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One of the best TV shows ever!, 21 June 2010

I love this show sooo much! I can't even put it into words just how great this show is. It's a classic that will be cherished for years to come. It's a shame that shows like this are rare to find on television in this day and age. It's way better than the junk we have on television today. The Andy Griffith Show is a program that can be enjoyed by all and it is generally a good, wholesome program. Andy, Barney, and Gomer were the best characters and the funniest. If you've never seen this show, than I strongly advise you see it sometime in the near future, you won't regret it. Not only will this show make you laugh, but it will give good lessons about life and the various hardships of it.