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Milan (2007)
Not very complex nor much of a message
16 October 2009
I took away a gently worded message that "war is hell. Whoops sorry, war is inconvenient"; and that there are unintended victims of war.

Even in a 10-minute film, issues and characters could be fleshed out so much more. Even if the politics of the war (why NATO decided to bomb them, or why there is a conflict in the first place) are deliberately avoided, and even if the main characters are deliberately presented as simple simple people... Still. Many of the scarce minutes were spent in scenes that moved nothing forward.

For me, the high point of the film was a convincing performance by the stunning Bojana Zecevic as a nurse. She had a small role that in a full length film would be called a minor cameo. Where is her fan site? I hope she has a busy and long career.
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Deacon Pan Demonium says: "FUNNY LADY!"
1 October 2007
From mid September on the Boards

I just saw The Lady In The Water, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised... It's about time M. Night tried his hand at making a comedy, and this one is a laugh riot!!

I waited until this one came on HBO because I thought it would be another obvious, self-indulgent exercise in tedium like "Unwatchable" or "The Village Idiots". But, the more I watched TLITW, I realized that it was actually a brilliant Zucker Brothers-style spoof. I was only disappointed that Leslie Nielsen didn't get the role of Cleveland Heep.

In his short career, M. Night Shyamalan has created a sort of genre of his own, and that is the key to the brilliant comedy that is The Lady In The Water. Much as "Blazing Saddles" was a spoof of Westerns, or "Scary Movie" a spoof of Horror films, this movie satirizes M. Night Shyamalan movies! That's right, Mr. Shyamalan has finally taken his storytelling gifts to a bold new place: Self-Parody!!!

And it is funny, funny stuff!! Night takes a satirical look at the heavy-handed symbolism, painfully contorted plots, and maudlin sentimentality that have been downfalls of even his best work. From the insultingly simple-minded moralism to the racial insensitivity, the yuks just keep coming. Just the names (narfs, tartutic) were enough to keep me in stitches throughout this zany, madcap farce.

Especially hilarious is the role Harry Farber (Bob Balaban). Normally, creating a character who is a critic that exists only to say mean things and then die violently would seem bitter and immature, written by an overly sensitive artist who can't stand criticism. Instead, the Farber character is obviously meant as a parody of such insecurity. Why, I haven't seen such a comical "f-you" to critics since Godzilla 1998's "Mayor Ebert" and his Aide "Gene".

So, if it is an uproarious laugh-fest you're looking for, look no further. This is one funny "Lady".
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