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"Love" (2016)
god awful, 9 July 2016

i love apat0w and his every-man stories that might star a flawed but lovable lead like Seth r0gen or Jason seg3l. i went into this series with high much so i watched the entire season hoping it would get better. however, there is nothing lovable about the main character Gus. he is just an ugly person- inside and out. Gillian Murphy playing opposite was OK until she falls for him..were this just a friendship story between two f*ck-ups, i could deal...but a romance in the third act between a GORGEOUS woman and a terrible and ugly man is so unbelievable and at the same time such cinema cl1ché. this takes the male-fantasy of 'i can be an awful person but still get a gorgeous girl' WAY TOO FAR. so though the initial start of the series had potential, by the end of the season, I HATED IT. i have NO IDEA how this show got a 7.8 star average on IMDb because it is panned by almost everyone on Netflix. the only thing i can think of is that these ratings are put on by guys who hope this ridiculous story could be their reality too. it can't. it will never. be a f*ck1ng decent person. do not ever be like Gus.

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blah blah blah, 14 March 2011

this is singularly the most contrived p.o.s. i have ever seen. nothing is interesting about this show- the script is tediously bland and full of clichés, while the acting is sub-par at best.

the few fans of this show must just be too naive or young to know what good television writing or original vampire lore is.

i beg you to please SKIP THIS NONSENSE and watch 'buffy' or 'angel' instead. in fact, the show pretty much PLAGIARIZES the premise of 'angel.' the massive difference, tho, is that 'moonlight' has zero flavor and is mind-numbingly trite in every single way.

after 16 episodes, the characters remain 2 dimensional and uninteresting. the acting is so bad that none of the leads have any chemistry with each other. the character/actor with the most potential is a 400 yr old vampire played by jason dohring, but he so is under- utilized that his story lines seem forced when he does show up on screen.

there is zero subtlety to the script- it plows through story lines without any sort of self-reflection or deeper meaning that is so inherent in the romance of vampire lore.

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friends meets sex&the city set in on the beach, 8 August 2010

the network only aired 4 episodes of this show on Friday nights (the night shows go to die) before pulling it off the air. it is such a shame because it was a very lovable cast that played 20something friends and the wit was as sharp as any 'sex and the city' episode. it is a light-hearted comedy that's incredibly fun to watch. it's even made me want to move to a beach. i still cant believe it was canceled, and that there is still yet to be a DVD release. i bought it on amazon on demand but they have had licensing issues with the show, meaning sometimes i can't access it. GET UR ACT TOGETHER CBS~~~!!!!! premiering a new show on a Friday night and canceling it after 4 eps just to air reruns of that crappy NCIS show is bull.