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Welcome to Death Race!, 30 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw the sequel first, so I expected an entertaining, sometimes funny car race. What I got was an action movie with a surprising amount of death and even some sex scenes (even though not explicit ones).

It had some nice details. Like a driver getting tired during twilight because the lights don't work. Or using the crash barrier to lift a car and change tires because he couldn't use the jack. Clever!

Granted, the movie had some plot holes and the story wasn't always top-notch. Another downside is the acting. David Carradine did his part and the "evil" drivers played well, but the rest seemed quite forgettable to me.

Still a decent road movie with quite a few twists and turns. As long as you don't second-guess things too much.

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Decent, yet predictable thriller, 7 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Officer Pete Davis (Ray Liotta) is the cop version of "The Cable Guy". He offers you his friendship and would do everything for you. But turn it down or turn against him and he will be your worst nightmare.

Michael (Kurt Russell) and Madelaine Stowe are happily married and their life is just fine. Until some night a burglar breaks in. Michael chases the burglar away and they call the police. They get a lot of help and support from Pete Davis. The officer even takes Michael for a ride to show him how a patrol day is. On the end of the day he confronts Michael with the caught burglar and asks him to beat up the burglar.

Michael is not happy about this. He denies and from there on doesn't want to have Pete around him or Madelaine. He even turns hostile and insults Pete when he sees him again some time later. That's enough for Pete to snap. From there on things get ugly.

I enjoyed the movie. Kurt Russell plays an imperfect husband who would not always make the best decisions and usually isn't quite brave. His wife is insecure and seems to stay with him mainly for protection and security. She may briefly protest when things don't go as she wants them, but will ultimately back down.

The true star seems to be Ray Liotta. He performs great. It's hard not to like him even when the game clearly implies that he is supposed to be the villain. He is sympathetic and charismatic, so I really felt like blaming Michael for bringing this likable cop to the edges.

And then you get another sample of Ray Liottas awesome acting, when he trades kindness with sadism and madness. He switches attitude and personality as if its the most natural thing, leaves everything good behind and makes you shiver with the cold look in his eyes.

8/10 is a decent score. The movie lacked tension, since it was quite obvious what would happen and how. Not many surprises. And the end of the showdown was cliché. A villain left for dead and rising again? Seen that a million times. But that's just nitpicking ^^

Revenge (1990/I)
I...won't...cry..., 22 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a movie. So full of emotions, friendship and pain. It stars Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn, two great actors who play the role of two very good old friends. Unfortunately Costner falls in love with Quinns wife and to avenge them, Quinn has Costner beaten almost to death and his former wife dragged into a brothel to be used by everybody.

But Costner is found on the brink of death, where he was left to die, by a kind stranger who brings him to a house and has a very old woman nurse Costner back to health with some ritual-like methods. After he has regained his strength, Costner leaves to find the woman he loves. On his way he meets a sick cowboy and befriends him. They travel together for a short time until the cowboy dies from sickness. Costner buries him. Then takes the dead mans stuff and continues his search. He is soon found by two other benevolent strangers. It felt like for some reason all the good people in the world had gathered in Mexiko and decided to aid Costner in his search. A single man can't have so much luck.

Be it as it may, they find a trace for the woman but soon lose it again. They have to confront Antony Quinn to regain the trace. He asks one thing of Costner. That he apologizes for taking away Quinns wife. It's unclear if the other two men killed Quinn after he finally gave away the location where his former wife was to be found. The last scene of him is that of a broken man in tears...

The woman got very sick from or during her "work" at the brothel and was brought to an abbey to recover. There Costner finds her. He carries her out, tells her that he loves her and then she dies. End.

The story was great, the performance even better. Especially one scene with Antony Quinn getting upset about two associates reached "Don Corleone"-level. A man to be respected and feared. Gives you shivers just listening to him. In general you could say that this is a movie about people showing their true emotions instead of going all macho and playing tough. They have hopes, dreams, fears. They get happy or sad. They are humans. Even the one "Rock Star" lady told her background story and you saw a fragile woman who just wanted some love.

That's definitely a movie I'm not going to forget anytime soon.

Starve (2014)
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Sometimes unintentionally funny, 21 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It starts as a promising horror movie with some potential, but after about half an hour it drifts of into horror-comedy, featuring some silly situations and funny lines. It's still entertaining, I guess. But in a different way. Instead of tension and suspense you get laughter. The amount of violence is not over the edge. There are some brutal scenes. They are violent enough to be interesting for fans of the genre and short/forgettable enough to be tolerable for the everyone else. A good compromise, if you ask me.

However, the funny parts don't last forever and after that the story gets darker again. I mean, they have a child killed and eaten. That's some tough stuff. Not anyone would dare to show it. But for the same reason it feels kind of innovative and "fresh" - so to speak.

Sometimes it's the small things and details that make a movie special and I discovered quite a few of them. Like the one time when they stopped at a diner. The woman went to the toilet and laid some paper on the seat before she sat down. You don't see that everyday. So yes, "Starve" felt quite original.

The story has some interesting aspects. It's basically about how to break the willpower of people and make them do things to survive. In this case a man catches bypassers on their way through a ghost town, imprisons them and threatens to let them starve unless they kill each other for food.

I felt well entertained for most of the time. But since it also had some weak parts in the story and in general lacked tension, I give it 7/10.

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Almost 3 hours of suspense, 13 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This western movie starts very slow, quiet and peaceful. It's filled with dialogue. Most of the time they just talk to each other. And they take their time. Surprisingly enough you don't get bored. The dialogues are interesting. There are clues and hints as you try to figure what role everyone plays in this story.

Then the first one dies. An unspectacular death - for a Quentin Tarantino movie. Just wait for it. The next deaths are way more brutal, even to the point of splatter. I don't appreciate that amount of senseless death and violence. The story could have been a lot better if Tarantino wouldn't have gone over the edge so much.

But then it wouldn't be a Tarantino movie, would it? Anyway, it's 7/10 from me. Story is intriguing, the acting is good. Despite my complains it was worth the time. And I give him credit for making a movie that immerses you for such a long playtime without getting boring even for a second.

So even if you're not a fan of his movies, you may want to give this a try.

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One of the best western movies I've seen so far, 12 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's been a while since I enjoyed a western movie that much. Burt Lancester really shines in his role as Wyatt Earp. He has a strange friendship with Doc Holliday (Kirk Douglas). They argue and nag about each other half of the time. Doc's relationship with a woman (apparently some kind of prostitute) is even weirder. She either loves him or tries to kill him. She betrays him and wants to be with him. Very confusing. That and the main song of the movie, that they repeated a tad to often where the reasons I gave it "only" 9 stars.

In comparison with other movies I especially liked the fact that as a setting they set up a whole settlement. Not only 2-3 buildings in the middle of nowhere that other movies dare to call a "town".

I don't know much about the real events behind the movie, but the story is good. It has true friendship, action and love while it lacks unneeded "jokes", silly lines and slapstick. It felt more genuine and serious to me, which is a solid plus.

By the way, you also get to see DeForest Kelley as Wyatt Earp's brother in a few scenes towards the end of the movie. I only knew him in his role as Doc McCoy from Star Trek TOS. "Dammit Wyatt. I'm an Earp, not a magician!"

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maybe the best X-Men-movie so far, 3 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 3 first movies were great. So was the first Wolverine movie, Origins. Then began the downslide. First class was okay, the second Wolverine movie was a bit disappointing and "Days of future past" a letdown.

So I didn't expect much when I started watching this. I was greeted by an awesome opening with great music, playing in ancient Egyptian. Majestic statues of old Egyptian gods, a huge pyramid, a ritual to turn their mutant god into an even stronger god. Wow. And that were only the first minutes.

Then some of the Egyptians plot against their godlike leader and his mutant followers to make the pyramid collapse and bury them alive. Their plan works. Except for the part where the followers sacrifice themselves to save their king. He is held is some kind of stasis for a few thousand years, waiting for time to rise again.

Once he walks the earth again, the villain soon gathers some strong mutants as new followers around him. The X-Men desperately try to fight him, but they are fighting on two fronts. Stryker and his mad scientists are also after them.

Times never have been so hard before for the X-Men. Or everyone else, for that matter. The amount of destruction is even bigger than the one time Jean Grey turned into the "phoenix" and went on a rampage. But that doesn't mean that she can't save the day.

Which is one of my few points of criticism. Her powers couldn't destroy Logan, but she could take down an ancient, almost almighty mutant who had lived a thousand lives and consumed countless mutants and their abilities (one of them being a significant healing ability).

Second point of criticism: The Egyptian villain wants to destroy the world to build a new one. At one stage he gains control over all the nuclear missiles in the world. Now I know what you think: Game over, mankind. But no, that would be too easy. Instead of making them fire the nuclear missiles on each other he just fires every single one of them into space. Because! (Enter reason here, if you find one) Anyway, despite very few flaws this was an epic movie. 9/10

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Text, please!, 3 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Welcome to a world of silence. After a few very weird, almost disturbing scenes you watch a woman driving around in her van. She comes across many people and locations. Then, after more than 13 minutes playtime, she starts talking. The first lines in this movie. Don't expect much more.

Anyway, this woman is very lost. Every few minutes she stops next to a random lonely man and tries to get him in her vehicle. One time she succeeds and drives him to some building. Once he enters, there's nothing but darkness around them. They undress, he vanishes in some weird kind of liquid floor, she is on the road again.

So much plot here. Next stop: the coast. A nice, remote coast full of waves. She meets a man there. He runs off to save someone from drowning. Which means you watch people swimming around for a few more long, eventless and silent minutes. Until an exhausted man is washed up on the beach. She walks over to him very slowly and casually, searches a bit around for stones, then finds one to hit his head hard. Then the strange woman pulls him over the beach...

I felt like watching a snail. So little dialogue in this movie. So many and long scenes where hardly something happens. And if it happens, it happens slow. Very slow. Beats me what people find so special and exceptional about it. It's "exceptionally" bad, but that's all there is.

Terminator meets Hit-man meets Next, 3 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A nearly invincible enemy, who can't be defeated by knifes, bullets or car crashes: check. Ability to see into the future to prevent bad decisions: check. Ah yes, there's also Agent 47.

With that told let's see what this movie has to offer. A decent amount of action, an okay story, a few nice and surprising plot twists and some almost psychic elements that are too far stretched to be believable.

Now I'm not familiar with the world of Hit-man and only saw the first movie from 2007. I appreciate a good action movie. For that we have Agent 47. But the other actress, "Katia van Dees" has some really weird and out of place powers. She can see what happens in places beyond her vision or even what's going to happen next.

Surprisingly enough I'm not complaining about their antagonist, the Terminator-like John Smith. He has some skin modifications that prevent him for getting severely wounded and even though he can bleed a lot after taking a few bullets in the chest, that won't have him lying down for long. But that's technology, not some kind of psychic foretelling magic.

Anyway, Agent 47 helps Katia find an old man. The bad guys are also after him, because he knows how to make Agents (and apparently witches too). There are high speed pursuits, lots of shooting and kills. The usual. I think 7 out of 10 is a fair rating. While it may be far from flawless, it will keep you entertained. Even though it's not as good as the first movie.

Try to stay awake till the good climax, 9 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Silent House is a movie about a girl, her father and uncle. They all are in a dark house (they nailed the windows shut to prevent burglars) to fix it and sell it afterwards.

In the process the father mysteriously vanishes, a girl shows up, the uncle disappears too and the girl keeps walking, running, crawling and crying through the dark house in search of everyone.

Some parts are in full darkness and for most parts there's not much dialogue. She plays her role very good. She struggles to keep her voice low when she has to hide from random persons that seem to appear and disappear in an instant.

It's obvious that this movie didn't need (or had) a big budget. I found myself bored for about 2/3 of the playtime. Then things start to get shape. You realize why she was seeing things and persons and what happened to her two missing relatives. Quite a nice and satisfying conclusion, which I won't spoil here. But it kind of paid of for the rest of the movie and that has to be good for something.

Therefore it's a 6/10 from me.

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