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Every single Blu-ray that I personally own.

Be sure to read the description because for TV shows I have listed what season it is. And for some movies I've written what edition it is or packaging it came in.
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These are all the movies I can think of that I have viewed all the way through. Movies of which I have only seen segments do not apply. Also, TV seasons that I have seen every episode of are listed here as well (the season number is in the description of the show title).
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Some information about this list:

- The top of the list is the bottom of my stack, the bottom is the best of the best, in my eyes.
- A lot of the time this list can get mixed around as I watch new films, or rewatch old ones, I'll try to keep this updated every few months or so. Also know that a lot of these (with the exception of the top 10 or 15) could easily slide forward or backward a few spaces, it's just how I feel at the time.
- Documentaries are not counted, this is strictly about narrative film-making.
- Films under 60 minutes also don't count, I would consider those short films. Most films on this list are far removed from 60 minutes anyway, though.
- Movies that are part of a series/franchise, I can only have my favorite selected, just know that there are likely some others I would have loved to include.
- I have not seen every movie, and I can only include what I've seen, though I have seen a lot, over 1200. If you would like more clarity on what I have and haven't seen, please feel free to browse this:
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The top is the most inspirational or influential to me, and the bottom is the least (of the most).
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A list of people I would like to see working on the recently announced Star Wars Sequel Trilogy by Disney. This list will adjust itself as people say they will or will not be doing a film.
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