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My Family, 28 November 2003

I usually like British sitcoms but this one and few others they have begun to show in Iceland where I live are not very good. This show has louse humor, dumb characters etc. It is boring, nothing ever happens and it´s just so dumb. I Think that they should cancel it because it is so bad. Also I saw that the girl in the show has quit. Well at least that some good news because If I had that annoying sister or a daughter I would kill her.

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101 Reykjavík., 20 November 2003

Based very loosely on the novel 101 Reykjavik which was published in 1997. The book was slaughtered by critics upon it´s initial release and many readers hated it so much. The title character was always drunk, slept with everyone and hated everything. The book and the author became like a fad when the film was released in the summer of 2000 in Iceland. But Why.

Well the film is very different in the book. The character Lola who falls in love with Hlynur´s ( the main character)mother and is a spanish flamenco dancer in the movie was an Icelandic Psychatrist in the book. There are lot of things different and even though he was a slacker in the movie he was much more slacker in the book. In the book the main character also made fun of all the upper class people and famous Icelanders and famous Icelandic women and how much they were worth.

The director himself comming from a good home and is married to a super rich woman and of course a hypocrite would never show this in a movie.

But looking at the film itself I find it just okay. The acting was fine except for Victoria Abril who I felt was just bad as always and Hanna María Karlsdóttir who I find should be banned of acting because her acting abilities are so limited. Baltasar is just Baltasar.

The soundtrack was awful. The script could have been better and overall the film was an overhyped movie from the beginning it premiered in Iceland. Overall 5.5 / 10.

Frosty the Snowman (1969) (TV)
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Frosty The Snowman, 3 November 2003

I remember in Iceland during the late 80´s when I was just 5 or 6 years old that that most of the cartoons had subtitled and were not dubbed at all. Mostly it were the french or European cartoons they dubbed but stayed away from the American ones. This I had on tape few years back but of course silly me taped it over. But I remember it and I really loved it. I hope I can see it again.

Thirteen (2003)
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Thirteen, 5 October 2003

A Pretty good movie about a 13 year old girl and how she meets the bad girl in school and starts using drugs, dress up like a slut and sleep around with boys of other race. The film however is not flawless. The acting was good with everyone except for Nikki Reed. Her acting abilities were rather limited and also her character was poorly developed. Holly Hunter was great as always because she is one of the best actresses in history. Evan Rachel Wood who plays the lead character is good but sometimes get to emoitional when there is no need and sometimes annoying as well. I watch `Once and Again' once in a while and she pratically plays the same character. Although I wont say that is a bad thing but she must be careful no to be typecast however delivered an outstanding job for a 14 year old.

Although it is no way like these stupid hollywood teen movies which have been released over the years it has definately some elements that is often used in them. For example when they make fun of Tracy´s clothes.

I am not a 13 year old girl but when a girl dresses like the majority of kids in the school I dont think a small group who dress differently will tease her about it. Also when Tracy´s mother finds out about her belly button ring. She almost got an heart attack but reacted much differently when Tracy came home drunk and high.

However it is easy to overlook the flaws and focus on the main thing and overall this film is very good, well shot and made and I recommend people to see it. 7.5 / 10

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Better than the original., 16 September 2003

I Have to admit I liked this one a more than the first. I don´t know why but I did. The special effects were better, they did not try to be as funny as they were which helped because they weren´t that funny to begin with and it seemed more stabled and a lot more going on and it also had some scares in it which seemed to be missing in the first one. Sure this wasn´t as succesful as the first one in terms of the Box-Office but for example where I lived this film was bigger than the first one and became a smash when it was released on video.

Trust (1990)
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Great Movie, 31 August 2003

I had heard about this film but never got myself around it to watch it. But one night I had nothing to do so I decided to rent a movie. I came across Trust and rented it and I loved it. It had a great story, brilliant acting and character development. The direction was excellent. It is a movie that is pretty hard to desribe and I am not the one who should be writing to many words about it but I really liked the movie and recomend every movie fan to see it.

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Okay, 30 August 2003

Many people hate Fatal Attraction and call it a rip-off of Play Misty For Me which was the first movie Clint Eastwood directed and is about disc jockey who has a one night stand with a fan who later turns his life upside down and thinking that they have something very serious between them but he doesn´t want anything to do with her.

Sure this has been used in numbers of films later on but even though the plot seems good and the story is good the films lacks. The acting is wooden there are very few scenes in the film where you see that the actors are actually trying their best. The script is flawed, there are very few moments that makes you scared and overall the film is uneven and clearly could have been a lot better.

The woman who plays Evelyn is more annoying than scary. Clint was awful in this movie. It looked as he wasn´t all that worried what Evelyn might think about next and the woman who plaid his girlfriend was also dreadful. There were many scenes in the movie that didn´t have anything to do with it at all and didn´t need to be shown for example that music festival.

If Fatal Attraction is such a big rip-off of this movie then it is but it is a way better film with much better acting, cinematography, music and more exciting and suspenseful.

But Play Misty For Me is enjoyable on some levels and there are some scenes that are good but that doesn´t mean it is great. I am though going to be generous and give it a 6 out of 10.

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When Harry Met Sally, 23 August 2003

A film about relationships between two individuals with their own opinions and discussing all kinds of different issues and their look on life, relationship, sex and more. The script is excellent, It has great character development, the acting is great and the music too. A feel good romantic comedy which is both for men and women

Did any of you see Halloween 4 and 5, 3 August 2003

This film had some potential but failed. It had Scream written all over for it. It even had some of the same music that was used in Scream. The film tells you of Laurie Strode who is a principal in a private school and has a 17 year old son. She has changed her name and imagines sometimes that Michael is going to get her, then on Halloween day the day her son turns 17 Michael returns and starts on to kill everyone who is in his way.

What I found to be so irritating is the fact that people her seem to have forgotten about film 4 and 5. Jamie Lloyd the character in those films played by Danielle Harris was supposed to be Laurie´s daughter and Laurie was dead. Here Laurie is a principal and has a 17 year old boy.

Also in the fourth film and so on we are told that Michael is Laurie´s brother. That was never explained in the first two films why he was going after her or what. She had a different last name, different parents and didn´t know anything about Michael Meyers.

As for this film it is just another one late 90´s slasher flicks. Big budget, louse acting and predictable story. The murder scenes are allright but no big deal and everything about this film we have seen million times before but it was somewhat exciting and allrigt popcorn flick 5/10.

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Father Of The Bride, 1 August 2003

Not very good comedy starring Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennet as a middle aged husband and wife whose daughter is getting married. They have to pay and prepare the Wedding and it is going to be a nightmare. The plot is overall good but it does not have a lot of laughs. I hardly laughed once when I saw this movie. It also was a bit too long and the acting wasn´t good either. 4/10.

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