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Witch Hunt (2008)
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Fabuous and Important Film, 24 May 2009

This film chronicles the events which transpired in Kern County (Bakersfield) California, and the dozens of people who were falsely charged with child sexual abuse as part of massive "sex rings". Specifically, the film tells the story of John Stoll, Scott and Brenda Kniffen, Alvin and Debbie McCuan, Jeff Modahl, Jack and Jackie Cummings, Rick and Marcella Pitts.

This film is filled with heroes.

The film makers themselves: for tackling such a difficult, and generally unpopular subject matter, and for their fortitude to stick with the project over more than four years determined to see these stories of injustice told.

Those who were falsely imprisoned, bared down, stood strong, and fought the good fight, no matter how long it took, to see the truth about their innocence told.

Those who were involved as with the police, social services, and the District Attorney's office as children, who now as young adults have been brave enough to come forward with the truth about how those in authority were acting in true "criminal" behavior, and not those accused of sexual abuse.

However, hearing these particular young adults speak of their pain, guilt, trauma, confusion, and remorse over allowing social service workers to convince them to lie when they were children was the most powerful aspect of this film for me.

I have heard many, many stories of false arrest. There is no doubt that the stories of struggle and survival from those falsely accused are moving beyond words. However, hearing the pain and perspective from the different side of those wronged by the justice system; hearing how much these false arrests harmed the children involved, is the most powerful aspect of this new film.

A must see!

Wow!, 10 June 2003

Wow! I saw this film over the weekend and I completely agree that the reality is much more powerful than fiction. It was one of the few times I was ever in a movie in NYC and when the credits rolled people did not get up and run for the exit -- just sat in their seats, almost stunned, instead. I have not been able to stop thinking about this film since Saturday night. I don't want to say anything about what is IN the film, but if you are wondering whether or not to see this film the answer is, "Don't miss it. You'll never forget this movie, ever."