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Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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how they dare to say Romero's name in vain?, 9 June 2010

to everyone that as seen at least 1 other zombie movie...we did need this? while i was watching this cr@p i was wondering how they dared to compare this shyt to the romero's movie?why even spend the money to do it?it didn't had any single original idea and they covered that saying "remake" but look at dawn of the dead(OK they had more money)..oh sorry they had a good idea,the 2 soldier that don't look like soldier that survive and the trained ones die?ridiculous,the woman and the black guy where though but then in the end he waste bullets just to be sure?sure of hitting something that need a sharp shooter to be stopped?and she lack of any attention a trained soldier would have in movement and tactic and she's an officer?