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Don't see it if you just want to have a good time watching a movie..., 26 March 2004

This movie...I, personally, wanted to see it just to have a good time, as the parts that I saw of it were funny. The movie starts good, is funny in the beginning with Bill Murray and the japs. But after 40 minutes, you start to get tired. The story is about two people who are in tokyo for business, not as tourists, and they both are bored and wish they weren't there. They come together and try to have some fun. OK, good story, but Sofia has concentrated so much on showing how bored and sad these two are that makes you bored too. As I said, it starts very good and goes good for some time but then you get tired of seeing Bill Murray's so bored face (his face doesn't change at all!) or Scarlett Johansson's sad face and you start to feel like them. I came out of the theater a bit depressed probably because I was hoping to see a comedy. If you want to see a comedy, this is not the one. I give it 7 out of 10.

Big Fish (2003)
Enjoyable movie, not the best ending..., 26 March 2004

There are comments here that suggest you not to see the movie. But, looking at the rating which is high, I thought that I should see it. The movie is enjoyable. The fantasy is very well mixed with real life. The flashbacks are made very well. You will have a great time watching it and it's very funny at most parts. I see no reason why someone could hate this movie or just not enjoy it. In my opinion, the ending is not the best that could be made for this movie. It wasn't what I wanted to see as the ending. It could end with something interesting. Something that made you come out of the theater very excited. But well, it isn't that way. But that's my opinion. There are people that liked the ending the way it was. Want my suggestion? Go see it, it's a "must see" and you will hopefully like the ending! I give it 8.5 out of 10.

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No HAVE to see it!, 26 March 2004

The movie starts at a good point, ends at a great point. Like other Tarantino movies, the story isn't told normally. Things don't have to be shown in the order they have occured, but don't worry, it's not confusing. Great acting by Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, great music. A lot of blood! Not recommended for kids. The movie makes you feel what has happened to the bride, makes you feel the need for revenge, makes you feel like you're in the middle of the shooting (or the ...err...swording?!). Overall, a great movie, product of great acting added to great music, story and directing. I give it 9 our of 10.

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Best movie experience I ever had, 13 February 2004

This movie isn't just about mafia or crime or just killing people. Some people thing that this movie is only about violence (mostly female people ;) ). The movie is more about family, how the people in a family are connected together, how a complete innocent son, can become a very violent guy.

It changes the way you look at mafia. Some think that mafia is just a group of gangsters that kill for money. Well, the movie tells you that it's not just that, there is honor. Of course, I'm not saying that they are right, but they aren't just a group of violent assassins. The music on the movie is very well made, the acting is fabulous, and Al Pacino is great. So is Marlon Brando. The movie starts at a good point and ends at a good point too. Some might think that it's not a good ending, doesn't explain enough. But I just love the way in which the movie ends, great music, great scene and great look on Kay's face. I know that there are people who will call this movie a boring one. I accept that it's long...very long, but it's necessary and it explains the entire story very good. Overall, it's a fabulous movie, the best movie experience I ever had. 10/10

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Still enjoyable..., 13 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most people think that this is a bad sequel and a money-maker only.

At the beginning, it does look that way, even to me. Where they're dancing, bringing old characters and remembering old memories from the old movies (this is what I hate most in bad sequels). But after a while, when the real story gets started, it's again as good as the old ones.

<Spoilers> The movie shows very well what some call "The fall of Michael Corleone". How he tries to save everything, fails, loses everything and dies miserably. Great acting, music and scenes. The ending is very well made specially the little dog if you understand it. The only problem I see in the ending, it just happens to fast, Michael's scream and then right after that the death scene. Although, IMO, it couldn't have been done any better. </Spoilers>

The movie is worth watching if you have seen the other two. Just forgive Coppola for the first scenes and SPECIALLY for bringing in "Sofia Coppola" for such an important role. I know it's very lame ;)


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Just the sequel needed, 13 February 2004

This is the best sequel I've ever seen for a movie. You won't feel at all that it's just a money-maker. It makes you stay in the movie and love it till the last moment. Great dialogs, GREAT acting, music from the first one which is still great. Both stories (Michael's and Vito's) are told very well. Robert De Niro acts very well. The story is long, but never gets boring or tiring, you will want to watch it to the end, and believe me, you'll be happy that it's so long, you want it to never end. The ending is like the first one. You'll feel that it's been cut, like it's ending too soon. But I really like it, a great ending with a great look on Pacino's face which means too much. I personally liked it more than the first movie, more entertaining. 10/10.

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Good acting gives good movies, 20 June 2003

Kevin Spacey, in my opinion is one great actor. And in some way, almost all movies he acts in, are great (The Usual Suspects, Se7en, American Beauty). And now, here he is as David Gale. Someone who is against death row. An intelligent AND alchoholic person which is against death row.

The movie is made very good, tells the story in a very good way (Usual Suspects style), and it has actually two twists, which were pretty good made. I promise that you'll enjoy the movie. It's a not so action and not so romantic. Altho it's full of nudity and sex, but it's still a great movie/detective story. The movie wasn't a piece of art, but it was a very good made movie/story.


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not "a failure", but not a Godfather either, 15 June 2003

The movie is not a failure, it has a good story (because of the good writer). Visual Effects look good (I didn't like the eclipse ones tho, those were...shit!). It's still good as a only on video movie. The shadow builder and it's dogs look good. Very good acting by Michael Rooker. It can be noticed that Kevin Zeggers will look good when he's older, but anyways, he doesn't do a very good acting in this movie. The movie, however it is, it's familiar to all of us. It's another Devil , Light and a good priest movie. Like Posessed (altho posessed was much better than this). The movie is entertaining, but it isn't a piece of art. 6/10

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A movie with a lot to say, 9 June 2003

This movie, IMO, is just great. It has a lot to say and it has no "not needed" scenes. Milla Jovovich acts very good in the movie. It is a real ART movie, it's not another HOLYWOOD (AKA Special Effects ONLY) movie. I enjoyed watching it, as it's both an art movie and a history movie.


Armageddon (1998)
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Typical Michael Bay movie, 9 June 2003

Ok, saw this some days ago. I didn't know who Michael Bay was, but just when the movie ended, I thought to my self "The director of the movie should be the same as The Rock's", and yes it was. It's just the way Bay makes his movies. Both movies have something which will make damage to people, someone who could save the people from it, a girl waiting for her hero(s), etc.. And the same kind of filming and visual effects...they're just exactly like each other! Anyways...when I saw the movie I didn't focus on the story or anything...I was trying to enjoy myself, and I did. I know, it has much less story than visual effects, but it's still entertainment. Anyways, The Rock had story, this one has less. And it's AGAIN one of those USA-SAVING-THE-WORLD movies. I mean...come on! USA isn't it all. And it makes fun of the russians...AGAIN.

I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a real GREAT movie.

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