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A list of comedians, both standups and actors, who I find exceptionally funny. In no particular order with the exception of Louis.
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This is a nostalgic look back on the TV shows I used to watch when I was younger, probably from when I was around 4-11 years old. It seems like these were better times, more carefree and joyous, and it seemed like you could enjoy a show, while not knowing whether or not it was necessarily good. Hopefully anyone who grew up in the 90's to early 2000's will recognize these shows and remember watching them when they were little. Anyway, without further adieu, here are the shows that I remember fondly from when I was a little kid (in no particular order).
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This is a list of movies that I truly believe are good, even excellent in some cases, however, it seems that they have all been quite poorly received by critics and many movie-goers alike. I strongly feel that all of these movies deserve A LOT more credit than they have gotten, and I really enjoy each one of them a great deal.
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This is a list of comedians whom I don't find paricularly funny. In some cases I enjoy a small amount of their work, but for the most part I'm not very fond of their work as a whole (at least from what I've seen).
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Some movies on here I absolutely HATE. Others are just ok. And others are quite good (even though I like them, I still think they're overrated). I know I've written a lot for each movie, but try to let me know what you think.
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