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The second stint in the shadows and underbelly of the noir universe. My unexpected part 2.
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My voyage during the sumer of 2015 through the shadows of the noir universe. Part 1.
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When embarking on an odyssey through the film adaptations of Shakespeare you will involuntarily, no matter what, hear the name Laurence Olivier. This is for good reason.

Olivier gets it. He speaks the language as if it were just his normal, everyday tongue. The performances are so natural and vivacious that it no longer feels stiff and recited.

Shakespeare flows through Olivier's veins, and his films embody that, I hesitate to say theory because if one has seen his performances it is better called mere fact.

**This list entails Olivier's outing as director & actor so "Othello" is not included, however, I find his performance as Othello is the best out there.**
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A short review of Orson Welles' three Shakespeare film adaptations, and some thoughts on each film. (they are placed in the order from best to not best (because none of these films deserve the word 'worst', so I will not use it. Sorry I guess.))

I feel anyone interested in watching these films should definitely follow up their viewing of Othello with Welles' "Filming Othello" as that film is very insightful on the play, the film, and the characters. An excellent post-game.

I think if there is anyway a Shakespearean tragedy should look, it is the way these films capture it. The total grey, and drab, and desolate atmosphere is what all 3 of these films captivate, so excuse me for rambling on how wonderful each of these films look but it is what holds them with Olivier's films, despite them being abridged.
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