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Perps are people too., 20 July 2008

Wow, a cop show without perps. A TV drama with guns and not 'necessary' evil. Moral, caring cops with emotional consequences. Explosions, when all else fails.

I like 'The Unit' (also on CBS) when it addresses the egregious use of force needed to defend against force and the guilt that comes from fighting evil with evil actions. They have their moments of destruction far from home and leave the guilt for later (when they are home). Flashpoint takes place down the street. In your office building or mall. The consequences of action or inaction are to be replayed in their mind, home, community and above all on TV. And despite the preparations our heroes take, it just doesn't assuage the situations that go tits up.

This show is grounded in moral motives that will pierce the heart of it's viewers. Let the Rambo's have their shows, and let us tread the thin, ever moving and twisting thin blue line of Flashpoint. In the show's own words, "We're not here to target practice, we're here to save lives".

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Thank the gods for this film., 19 July 2008

Finally an important film about the role of religion in the universe, as a tool for subjugating the masses and it's necessity for committing xenocide (the killing of an entire species). If moral motive power is of concern to you, this film will hammer at your core.

Scene after scene we see the banal marching and singing to their death. For the defense of the Federation 'Honor, Loyalty and Service' combine to lift the human spirit to fight and hang their own when not defending the universe from insects and their innate desire to end objectivism. We are shown the enemy and it is free will. The outcome, should never be in doubt, for either side to win, free will must die.

Time has nibbled on the edges of Robocop giving the following generations a farcical view of the religion of the American 1980's. We now view that movie as testimony to the power unrest gives to those in power. And where Robocop showed us the powerful pulling the strings, Starship Troopers 3 gives us the view on the ground. What goes though the hearts and minds of men when fear without reason allows the shackles of authoritative government to be traded for the release of kneeling to religion. We are shown the desperate nature of the uneducated seeking peace from the easiest source. The bewildered and lonely sacrifice their individuality for the love of blind devotion. The old, educated elitist marching aimlessly out of inertia, to tired to light an enlightened path. And finally, the daily struggle of the average man against relentless professions of miracles scumming to the power of faith.

The good guys win, the bad guys remain in control and the blood on the walls is a pretty shade of rose. Prepare for the death of man and the continuation of mankind.

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This will made you feel like a pod., 5 December 2007

Invasion.Of.The.Pod.People should not make it to DVD.

The plot has major problems, the script couldn't get a D- in a high school film class, the camera had the finesse of a single chopstick, direction was completely absent, and the costumes made our heroine look like she just entered the third trimester. The dramatic tension came only from knowing it wasn't over yet. The effects consisted of a ginger root in a flower pot.

This is not a B movie, there is not one redeeming feature in this work, even the titillation, that started halfway through, was not erotic and the actress giving cunnilingus may have been asleep during filming.

I could go on, but please don't watch this film. It could made you feel like a pod.

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True horror, 30 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow, a truly horrifying tale. A great film for the genre and a better than good film over all. The acting was dead on, camera work perfect and the only flaw was in me. I can not take rape scenes and there is a 'forced into sex' part that was surprisingly brief. The scene is needed for the overall pic and just when I was about to stop the film and move on, it was over. This is a failing on my part and the film did what it had to perfectly. The entire film was terrifying and said part fit perfectly.

In this taut psychological thriller, psychiatrist Samantha Goodman decides to spend a quiet weekend at her winter cottage with her husband and younger sister. But a surprise visit from a former patient changes everything.

Kwik Stop (2001)
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Easy, breezy indy 'road' flick, 28 January 2006

Easy, breezy indy 'road' flick taking place in small town, USA. The title being metaphorical.

Well written with actors giving dead on performances. After first viewing and feeling full 'n satisfied I made a second run through Kwik Stop and worshiped the dialog. Tightly written and delivered invoking awe, in each scene, of the direction. Yet the film does not hem itself in as the very last scene invokes a theme from earlier that blows open the possibilities of the final three characters. With rumination, I like the ending more and more; realizing the screenwriter's almost dare to the viewer.

Yes it is, yet another youth 'learning and growing' distopian tale that have been coming so frequently of late, and seem to be the 'fast ticket' to Sundance/Hollywood (thank god for p2p). In this style, the lyrics of each song fills in the natural voids of communication between the proto-typical teens, and does this well.

There is little to no violence or nudity, shocking or otherwise, to stir up inflated buzz. This results in Kwik Stop having to be judged on more quaint qualities where it smacks the 'brown bunny' with 'love and a 45'. (The bunny 45 thing is a reference to the film's peers and are not in Kwik Stop.)

Trixie (2000)
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I love this film, and have watched it twice., 17 November 2003

The Trixie character is very original and inviting. Her story is amazing and touching. The verbal battle between Trixie and the Senator is complex beauty. Every performance is great by the the well casted. I found Trixie to be a warm and very interesting movie.

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Bored me quickly, 27 September 2003

Was the titillation of seeing the stars naked supposed to overcome the trite and tired plot? Either way this movie would bore a twelve year-old on up to 112 year-old. Joseph Fiennes is perfectly two dimensional and Heather Graham's "Doe-in-the-Headlamps" eyes come off as uninteresting and possibly brain-dead. Lastly, this movie can be judged by is cover. If that picture of the two stars intrigues you then ya might like the movie more than I.